July 9, 2011

Art imitating Life~ or I have had Randy Travis' song Diggin' Up Bones stuck in my head for days and since I don't really like country musack I have been considering stabbing myself in the eye with a spork.

I've just about decided that would probably kind of hurt, so I did the only other thing I could think of that might exorcise the demon....I made some:

I would really REALLY like to be able to tell you that it worked.  But now on top of having the song set to auto play in my brain my thoughts are solely focused on how many different designs I can put on bones.  Bones That I've Dug Up Because I'm Exuming thangs that's better left alone I'm resurrecting memories of a love that's dead and gone and Oh Dear God please make it stop.

If someone could just go ahead and kick Randy Travis in the shin for me that'd be great.  It's not personal mind you, and I'm not saying he isn't very talented, but much more of this and that whole spork in the eye thing is going to start sounding good.

Speaking of sounding good....or rather of not sounding good...

I went out with some friends last night to our little tavern.  Where they have Karaoke on Friday nights.  Where I have never, not in all the years I've lived here, felt the need to sing.  Until last night.  With my friends.  At the Tavern where Jose hangs out.  In a shot glass.  Or 3.

And I sang Fancy.  Because I DON'T LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC.  Reba would probably appreciate it if someone came on over and kicked me in the shin, because I'm pretty sure if she'd heard me slaughter her song she would be walking around with a couple of sporks hanging out of her ears right now.



  1. That made me laugh so hard I snorted my water! You make my day every time you blog, lady. :) Oh, I now want some of those bones so badly that I would gladly spork my eyes if that's what it took... you selling them yet????? GOT to have a bone, got to!!!! Beautiful work. And I sincerely hope that you are able to change that radio station in your head before it starts playing Achey Breaky Heart....

  2. Okay, read the post by NEDbeads and I know have Achey Breaky Heart in my head, I kid you not. I love those bones girl! You seriously do good work! Uhmm...yeah...tequila and karaoke not a good combo and I know from experience. I feel your pain.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What I wouldn't give to have seen you doing Karoake! Are you sure someone didn't have their cell phone running during that! Sounds like a fun night!

  4. go to pandora & turn on my station, Big Legs Tight Skirt (old blues song) I promise NO RandyTravis! ;)

  5. since the song is making you nuts, wouldn't it be "art irritating life"? Bwaa haaahahahah

  6. girl that title had me in stitches! shoot you crack me up and for some reason cause my Northern arse to start typing southern-like dialect-ish even! lmao! Love the bones- thank God I do not know that song by randy travis/ and I am sure your performance was nothing if not inspiring and fabulous! xoxoxox funny butt! um and p.s. I invented the "spork" lolololol

  7. Jeez you make me laugh!
    I only did karaoke one time and I didn't even know it until the next day. LOL!
    And those bones are awesome! And it's a good thing I like them because three of the have insisted on coming home with me;~)

  8. So...I moved to NC where I proceeded to tell e'erbody that I did'nt like country music. At which point their mouths fell open and they stammered in awe..."You are from Alabama and you don't like country music?!" To which I replied, "Nope, and I don't wear shoes neither!"
    (Nice to know I'm not alone...)