June 27, 2011

Today's Fun Thing(s)

A while ago the awesome bratster Michelle requested some custom Kalypso BHBs to use in a kumihomo necklace she was designing.  Last night she sent me some photos of the finished piece and I thought GIMME THAT!  Then I licked the screen.

Too awesome for words!

Click pickchur.
Git bigger.
More Gorgis.


In other news I entered a little creative writing contest over on LE to win a new CGBeadroller...a different style of tool similar to the one I use to make the ribbed round beads like these....and last night I found out I was one of the winners.  Which means I won.    And all I had to do was use my words.  MY WORDS, y'all.  Which means the creator of the awesome tool is probably just a little bit crazy.  And since her kids got to pick the winners they are at least a little crazy too.  Which is why I want to buy them each a new car. 

Get your Pandora bracelets out, girls.  Mama's gettin' a shiny new Pandora  CGBeadroller!


  1. I can see why you licked the screen, it looks delish! x

  2. Mmmmmm, looks tasty. I just drooled all over my keyboard. On a side note, I done gone and voted for the day in the Fire Divas top 10 that you have posted over on the right... hint, hint for anybody that hasn't voted yet.

    Hope your week is awesome!

  3. Gorgeous necklace...she did your beads justice Juls!!!

    Congratulations on the "win"...you do have a way with words! Others agree... :~)

    Have fun playing with the new tool...

  4. OMAHGAH! I didn't know you would put the necklace on your blog! Thems some awful nice words you said though! More importantly...I just got my mo' beads from Julsbeads today! I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Normally I like bubble wrap. But not when it's standing between me and mah special order Julsbeads! They are supercalafrajalisticfantabulous!!! I love them love them love them! Did I mention I love them?!

    Oh yeah - and I voted for zee Fire Divas too...especially some certain sands of time beads I recognized...


  5. I can't wait~ I have just amde my sis a bracelet w/ a pandora style lampwork bead & I want one now! As for the last 2 sets I bought, I think I have some fun ideas, can't wait to share the finished work, :)

  6. It's me, Juls, Ellen but stupid Google is giving me grief when I try to comment so I had to come in anonymous.
    What I've been trying to say is - you crazy 'bama wordsmith - of course you won!!! Yea, you.