June 29, 2011

Some of these pictures are not like the other ones because Blogger hates me and I had to employ Flicker. I am new to Flicker so this blog post took me 2 hours to write while I familiarized myself with Flicker. And now this is the LONGEST BLOG POST TITLE EVER. You hear me, Blogger? I think you might owe me a trophy.

I customized an Own my Skillz day recently for someone who requested the beads be made into jewelry, and then I promptly shipped it off without a single picture of any of it.  Because my brain has melted in the extra southern hot humid heated hotness of Alabama and I'm serprized I kin evin remimbur wut werdz to yuse rite now. 

We've had storms every day for over a week which means my shiny shack time has been limited, so when I walked into my bead studio and saw my table still piled with remnants of the custom style party I snagged some Julsbeads from my personal stash and made these~

With matching earrings~



To commemorate
my night at the beach
a couple of weekends ago
I made this set.
For myself.


and then the choker sold off my neck.

I'm keeping the next one
even if it means I hafta



  1. Second picture. I'm dying right here and now. I must have this or I will perish.

  2. I'm nor surprised that choker sold - it's pretty damn fine!!! x

  3. Teehee nice title! I wonder if there is any SEO value in that one? :)

    Gorgeous pieces! No wonder they're selling off your neck!