June 23, 2011

I can't believe they let me in.

Check out my new Bling!

If you aren't familiar with the Fire Divas,
then you're probably gonna need to stop
reading and click that link right now,
and be sure to click
the Follow button while you're there
because that place is like the
Mecca of daily eye candy.

If you are already familiar with the Fire Divas
then you know I'm pretty excited
that I now am one!

Yeah, I hear ya.
They MUST be crazy
to add my kinda crazy,
but Shhhhhhh.
Don't tell them!

The Etsy Fire Divas Team is 
participating in a competition
hosted by Handmadeology,
and if you are in the mood for
some awesome glassy goodness
why dontcha go take a peek
and vote on the Diva entries.

We aren't competing against one another,
rather against the other Teams,
and the team with the most votes wins!
So if you *must* vote for the other teams
just don't tell me, K?
Because I want to keep liking you.

The challenge runs for 2 weeks,
and I'm probably going to mention
it 1 or 10 more times.

But that's just because



  1. We're delighted to have you join the Fire Divas, Juli and you should have seen the way we jumped up and down when we first got your application! Now that we're starting to get a better idea of your kind of *crazy*, we're still just as happy too! LOL Thanks for pitching in on all the Handmade Top 10 team fun too!

  2. I can SO believe that they let you in!!! I'm so glad for you - and for them, too!! I went, I voted, and boy there's some glorious eye candy going on there!!! (You got all 10s of course, cause I love every single thing you make.) :D

  3. Of COURSE they let you in. They opened the door and saw your face and said, "Come on in, chica, and bring those damn fine beads with ya!"

  4. I thought you were part of the Fire Divas already so I am not at all surprised they "let" you in. LOL Yeah winning is good. I am off to vote.

  5. Congrats...but it doesn't surprise me your work is stunning!!!
    Off to vote...

  6. That site has amazing beads, and you totally belong there!

  7. Of course they did! You totally belong in this group! Congrats!