April 25, 2011

When you yell "Bring It ON" in Forty's face, remind it to leave the tequila at home.

My 40th Birthday

Part One.


My friend Susan brought the jokes:

and the love:

and a cake:


My other friend Sue hand made
this adorable top
for me

With the sweetest lacy edging~  

I totally should have put it on right then, but no. 
We were too mesmerized by the edge of the plastic tablecloth
that was begging to be stripped and fasioned into tube tops.  

Of Course.

What could have been and what actually was:

I especially love the part where Helen
gets a whole flower for a face
while my head is replaced with
floating leaves that just drift up up and away. 
I'm going to say I planned it that way,
and you're going to know I'm lying.



  1. Happy Birthday, Juls! Enjoy yourself!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun! Love that the 40's are upside down on you both! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday again. Glad you had such a great time. 59 for me in two days. EEEKKKK

  4. Happy birthday! Hey - how close are you to Biloxi? I'll be there this Sunday thru Thursday. Would love to meet you especially since I can't talk worky worky stuff for that many days in a row.

  5. happy birthday! i've been 40 now for 4 whole days, and i'm surviving it. lol it's great to celebrate and have such a good time with friends.

  6. Fun fun. You give forty a good name.

  7. Hey Juls, :) glad you had a great time on your b-day wish i could have been there!! and oh to b 40 again...........that was me day dreaming well although my numerical age is 49 in my heart i'm still a teeny bopper ttfn L:)