April 24, 2011

E is for Jesus Christ

Not for Cadbury creme filled Eggs.

For a believer, Easter is a day to celebrate the resurrection of God's son, Jesus Christ, who came to live among men as a man~ to share the love and guidance of our Heavenly Father.  He lived among the downtrodden, feeding the poor and healing the sick, forgiving the liars and cheaters and thieves.  He loved the unloveable and embraced the hateful, treating the worst of us as if we were the best.  And we crucified Him for it.

Are you familiar with exactly what happens during a crucifixion?  Do you know the physical agony that Christ endured~ the beatings, the nails being driven one at a time into his wrists and feet, the crush of his flesh as a crown of thorns pierced his head, the indescribable pain of hanging on a wooden cross struggling to breathe as blood flowed from his broken human body?

How is it possible to feel worthy of such a sacrifice, to honestly believe that my Savior endured all of that for...me?  And yet every time I am still and give my doubts and fears to God in prayer...

I believe. Christ died so my name would have a place in the book of life, so that my soul could find a home in the everlasting kingdom of God.   I wish I could put in a bottle the incredible and pure feelings of belonging and peace that come with having a faithful relationship with Jesus.

Do you know him?  Do you want to?  All you have to do is tell Him.   HERE is one way to start.

Or you can right here right now say a few simple words.  "Jesus, I need you.  Please come into my heart and wash away my sins."

Now get in touch with other Christians.  Whether it be at a local church, a friend on FB,  your mom and dad, your neighbor, or even me.  I promise we will all find joy in your salvation and want to help you grow in the Lord.   Open a bible.  Get to know the word of God and you may just discover that it can sometimes seem to speak directly to YOU.

God knows your heart.  He knows your needs.  He is waiting to bless you if you will allow it.

Easter is a time to rejoice ~ the day to be thankful in celebration of the resurrection of the Light of The World.  Jesus Christ is the way, and none come to God but through his Son.

He is Risen!

And he is patiently waiting to know YOU.


  1. Juls now I love you even more. So nice to know someone who will actually admits to being a Christian. Have a great Easter.

  2. Juls--what a magnificent post! And, isn't is great to know we don't have to be "woe is me" believers, but can be our usual doofy selves (at least in my case) and He loves us just the same. Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours. CJ

  3. Amen my friend! Such a beautiful post, filled with the Truth about Grace and Mercy. Christ did what no other could, and I am grateful every day of my life for that. :)

  4. He is risen indeed!
    The Triduum, these three great days, are full of hope and promise. Of old time-worn stories and new beginnings.
    Thank you for sharing what you believe in. I share it too.
    Enjoy the day!