April 26, 2011

D is for Part Dos - y Deux

My 40th Birthday ~ Part Two

This is where I tell y'all that some of you people
must be big fans of wrinkles~
specifically of me crinkling up with more of them.

Crying and laughing make a face do that, ya know,
and now there are lines on my face
named Pat, Dawn, Melinda, and Courtney.

That's what you get for sending me such awesome
and/or hilarious presents.

Thank you for making a milestone
even more special for me.

Is this not the most precious thing you have ever seen!?

I am such a huge fan of  Pat Haight's clay work and feel
stupid blessed to now have 2 of her baby dragons
residing in my studio.  Her eye for detail is nothing
short of amazing, so be sure to click and enlarge
the photo.  And try not to be jealous, k?


Did someone say TURQUOISE?

Looking at this pair of MINEGIMMETHAT! can you
believe that Dawn Ducette has only been creating
bead embroidery style jewelry for a few months?
I know, right!?  This is what is meant by the term
"She's a natural".


Courtney Bruel sent me this adorable card~

and I have already admitted I'm too technotarded to figure out
how to record sound "up" into my laptop or you would be laughing
with me right now.  I've listened to it at least 40 times, and will
probably listen 40 more.


As the title dictates I am still working my way through
the A to Z Blog Challenge, and Melinda Orr has just
made the experience so awesome
I'll probably have to do it again next year.

Remember way back on U, where my intended subject

Melinda and I exchanged some funny comments about it
and since she makes the most awesome stamped metal jewelry,
I might have jokingly suggested she make a cuff
out of that.

Never challenge an artist to create something
and then not expect her too.

I laugh every time I look at my hand.


Did you think I wouldn't actually WEAR it?



  1. That card had me on the floor! So glad you liked it! :)

  2. Wow you lucky girl. All those goodies. See 40 ain't so bad. LOL
    Don't forget my birthday sale and blog party tomorrow.

  3. Hey where is my wrinkle? I would so wear that bracelet too! You inspire awesome sauce girl!

  4. Oh, Wow! Glad you are truly enjoying your day!!!

  5. Hi Juls, that's hoops & yoyo they crack me up, i give them away to family for every occation, they are my abso fabu cards Hoops, a pink cat, and Yoyo, a green rabbit, and also feature a few other humorous characters joining them. Hoops and Yoyo tend to get overexcited and commonly start yelling or talking really fast. They both love coffee, cookies, and any treat. They like to do anything that's fun. They're always happy, and always try to have fun no matter what happens. here is a link to there Easter Card http://www.hallmark.com/online/hoopsandyoyo/ That bracelet is awesome i love it ttfn L:)

  6. idk why the link didnt work here it is again


    if this one doesn't work sorry :(

  7. Awww so glad I could decorate your lobes with a little GIMMETHAT! It's the best bling on the block!

    Here's to great things to come in your newly found decade of life! ♥

  8. Haha....I'm behind on my blogging....just saw this! I laughed too when I made it~ thought it would give you a smile!