April 8, 2011

How could T be about anything other than Turquoise?

If you read this blog then you know the title question is summarily rhetorical.  Sure there are lots of other awesome T things like triumph and truffle and tanzanite and Tahiti, but even those things wish they could be turquoise.  Except maybe for Tahiti because it is, after all, Tahiti.

(and a little bit turquoise)

Trust when I tell you that I could totally add
ten times this number of turquoise treasures,
but the time it would take to do so
having to pull them from Picasa Web Albums
would turn me into a complete titch,
and since that would be tacky
I'll just say Toodles.


  1. Hey Juls, omg girl is there anything you can't do!! so very creative and talented i just love turqouise. ttfn L:)

  2. Turquoise rocks big time :) Love all your pretties!

  3. Beautiful jewlery. I like your blog design, too!

  4. Totally tasty, thrilling, talent-loaded, terrific, tantalizing, tempting, thought-provoking, timeless, titillating, treasury of turquoise transcendence!

  5. Totally Terrific Turquoise! That's The Truth!

    Toodles Tootsie!

  6. Wait I am thinking there is a theme here. I will go ahead and take a wild ass guess that it is.....Let me see....Oh yeah turquoise! Did I get it right or am I way off base?


  7. Beautiful work and how can you go wrong with turquoise.

  8. In want each and every piece. Dang girl you are good.

  9. I love turquoise and your jewels are gorgeous!


  10. You completely rock the turquoise world! Rock it! Rock? Get it? OMG, I can't believe it, I'm so lame today, lol!! Seriously, every single one is glorious - the way that it inspires you is wonderful... and I bet it looks seriously awesome with your beautiful hair, too, lady! xx

  11. Hi Juls .. the jewellery is beautiful and I love your turquoise offerings .. but probably more your stubborn streak of working the ZYX backwards .. fun .. once I'd sussed it out?!

    Cheers .. beautiful work .. Hilary

  12. I love T! Terrific pieces...Lot of time and heart went into those! Sharing :-)

  13. Oooh, I love all those earrings. You do a nice job photographing your jewelry.