April 9, 2011

S is for Sure and Leslie Nielson*....and other Stuff.

Hey Juls, would you like a cupcake?  Sure!

Yo, can you help me move this weekend?  sure.

You believe I'm only 29, right?!  Suuuuuuuuuuuuure.

Are you SURE I didn't win the lottery?

Ax murderer, huh?  He sure didn't seem like the type.

Are you from Alabama?  Shor am.

Are you from California?  Like,  Fer Sherrrr!

Surely you jest.

Don't call me Shirley*.


Some of my favorite S things...

The Shiny Shack out Back~


Sheba, The Kitteh


Seed beads.


Sunset in PCB.



  1. love that sun set! of course with OUT the ax dude.

  2. OMG Juls, you have a million seed beads! You always crack me up with your posts!

  3. That's a lot of seed beads! I bet it's fun searching for the right tube.