April 22, 2011

FODEE starts with F.

Really Facebook?

It's like you've never even met me.


I can hear y'all breathing a collective sigh of relief and thinking "FINALLY. It's her birthday. Now maybe she'll shut up about it". Except I won't yet, because there are still plenty of days left in April/Juli. Days during which I will be getting to know a new decade, and it had better show up holding a chocolate frosted butter cake.

Happy Good Earth Birth Friday, y'all!  Let's party like its 1999 2009 a perfectly awesome day!


  1. Have a blessed Birthday this year and MANY more years to come.

    You are aware crazy gets better as it matures!

  2. Happy Birthday girl, again :) Have an awesome birthday day and rest of the month! Don't eat too much sugar!

  3. Happy Birthday Juls. We are so close to the same day. Not the same decade though. LOL
    Have the best day ever.

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  5. Hey Miss thang HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you.....hope your special day is as special as you my dear.... when i see that you have a post before i even clic on it i know i'm in for an honest,insightful,entertaining look into your life, so i send blog group hugs your way on this special day!!(omg did i just ryme)ttfn oxox L:) opps i had a couple of spelling errors to correct lol :P

  6. Did I ever tell you that when I turned 50 I got a total body sloughing? Sounds dirty, doesn't it? I had skin like a new baby's butt afterward.


  7. Happy Fodee! You'll forever feel like you're in your 30's no matter how old you get!

  8. WOO HOO FoDee!!! You know my wishes, you know I love you, now let's P A R T Y!!!!!

  9. Amen to all of the above! But don't grow up just yet... we're having way to much fun giggling like school girls over the video I posted on your FB wall! LOL

    Hippiest of Hoppity Birfdays Juls!

  10. WHOOOO HOOOO!!! Happy Birthday, girlie!!!

  11. It's here! I can't believe that I missed being the first one to wish you most happy moments on you day. You deserve to be surrounded by love and light and anything that makes you happy. Welcome to the Fordees! You wear it well!

    Enjoy the day! (As if I even need to tell you that!)

  12. Happy Birthday, Juls! Did they name it GOOD Friday because of you??? Cuz you're so so good? I think so. I hope you're having an especially wonderful birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Juls...Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every minute of the next year ...

    I just came home from a wonderful birthday party for my daughters Fodeeith!!!
    I wish you all the best...