April 21, 2011

G is also for Goodies (again) and aren't you Glad it isn't my birthday yet?

I bet some of you will be happy when this A to Z Challenge is over, but I have to admit that I am rather enjoying the fun of it.  We're almost there...so everyone try to suck it up, K? 

At least I haven't mentioned my birthday* which is tomorrow because tomorrow is my birthday.  The birthday when I turn FODEE! on my birthday, which in case you didn't know is tomorrow.  Do you know how I know tomorrow is my birthday?  Because tomorrow is  Earth Day and Earth Day happens to be on my birthday.   Rounding out this year's unexpected Trifecta?  Tomorrow is also Good Friday.  So even if you kind of don't like me, YOU STILL GET TO CELEBRATE SOMETHING.  

I listed a few Sands of Time treasures in my Etsy Shop this morning~

Along with Midnight in the Desert:


In the event that you find yourself somewhere
holding a libation at around 6 pm this evening,


*Oops.  I guess I did mention it in the title.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Which is tomorrow. Your birthday. Which is also an awesome day.

  2. oohhhh ahhh! Happy Birthday! This is a milestone...don't let anyone tell you it's downhill from here :-) lol...things just start breaking down now...Kind of like a used car...Any ways...love the new beads...short of amazing~!

  3. OMG I just wrote the most awesome of comments and it got blown away...are you blowing candles prematurely? Dang girl! Okay I will try again...
    I think tomorrow is a special day but I am not sure what special day tomorrow is, could you go through that again? I was hoping to get a special package out for you to open tomorrow but since timelines never work for me you can't open it tomorrow so when it does come (many tomorrow's from now) then it will be your birfday all over again! So...since tomorrow is your birfday in which you will be turning Fodee (tomorrow) I will hold my Happy day wishes until tomorrow. I sure hope I remember tomorrow!


  4. Happy Earth Day! No, just kidding, Happy Birthday! Peace, Juls!

  5. lol...Happy FODEEth Birthday to you Juls!!! Don't let anyone tell you it goes down hill from here...believe me it only gets better and better, trust me I know!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your special day...

  6. Boy, howdy, I'm glad I found your blog again. I'm out in PA visiting family and I had to do some searching on my SIL's 'puter to find you.
    Just in time to wish you happy b-day! It's also my younger sister's birthday and she's celebrating a big one too - 20 years ahead of you. Holy shit, that makes me older than dirt!
    Anyway - I hope you have a great day and "dance like nobody's watching."
    Having a problem posting so I might have to go under "anonymous" but it's me - Ellen.