March 27, 2011

Unless The Kitteh shreds said bracelet first, in which case you can just bury me next to her instead.

I've had a bit of a much needed break since Friday evening, so I went out with that man (whom I'll just go ahead and call Steven since everyone else does).  Jose Cuervo stopped in to play some darts, and I hadn't seen him in such a long time I couldn't resist a game.  (2 actually)  Much fun was had so Saturday pretty much became a leftover Friday, which means I took a day off from work and spent the day cleaning.  By cleaning I mean I tossed last week's paper plates into the trash, took it out, then sprinkled carpet fresh throughout the house. 
The most strenuous thing I did yesterday was grill burgers while 4 cats sat at my feet staring up expectantly.  Yes, I said 4.  I don't know if I've mentioned "little girl" before, the one I call little girl because she is not mine.  She is a concubine of Baby Daddy's that he brought home one day for dinner and then apparently insisted that she stay.  Shortly thereafter he brainwashed me into thinking she needed a basket bed of her own.  She's a sweet gentle motherly type, so I don't mind her keeping him company on the catio.  Plus she runs with her front paws on the back door (without claws extended) and when I laugh at her she turns around and hits the door with her tail like she knows.

Next up is "tux", so called because his black and white coloring looks like a....wait for it....tuxedo.  He showed up about the same time as Baby Daddy a year and a half ago looking horribly ill.  I took care of him through the winter and then one day he was gone.  As much as I hated to think it, I figured he wandered off somewhere to die.  I was wrong.  He's back, he's black(and white), and even though he isn't mine he's apparently here to stay.

That brings me to "I think his leg is broken".  I've gotten him to the point where he will come into the catio to eat, but as soon as I get within 2 feet of him he tripods his way up and out in 2 seconds flat.  I'm thinking he's scared, but then it could be that he is actually a she and she just doesn't like me because I keep calling her a he.  I wouldn't blame her.

Y'all probably don't know this because it seems like I talk about cats a lot on this blog, but I am actually a dog girl.  It isn't that I don't like cats, I just love dogs.  The Kitteh was a rescue and with her 10 tiny claws dug permanently into my sandaled feet for 5 days I had little choice but to bring her home.  But can someone please explain to me just exactly how I have become a Crazy Cat Lady?  Trust me when I tell you there are already at least 8 of them on my shouldn't I get an Avoid Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome free card?  I think so, but then noone asked me.

Y'all know I'm super good at staying on topic, so here are some earrings I made last night.  With so much time being spent on the torch in the last weeks, its nice to know I haven't forgotten how to bead.

One day I might get sick of turquoise and brown, and when that day comes I hope someone will remember to bury me in my favorite turquoise and brown bracelet.

UPDATED:  It seems Blogger is playing Ninja Pics, because while you can't actually see the photo between the last 2 photographs, it is there and if you click the empty space it takes you right to it.  Way to test everyone's attention spans, Blogger.

UPDATED AGAIN:  Yesterday's problem with photos is repaired.  Which means technically I could remove the first update, but then comments wouldn't make sense so I would be all "Huh. And they call me crazy." if I ever come back and read this again.


  1. Sounds like you had fun and that is all that matters!!!! My vacuum and I are having the same discussion about "Get to work lazy woman because you are having Home Depot come to your house on Tuesday to measure the living room floor for wood floors and you don't want to discuss the poor people" but so far the vacuuming and other cleaning has not happened yet. I thought I use to be a dog person but I am now one of those "Crazy Cat Ladies" with five cats. They just look at me with those "Take Me Home" eyes and I am hooked. I am a mush!!! Love the earrings, ME LIKEY! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  2. The picture was definately worth hunting for;~)
    They are both gorgeous, I can't even pick a favorite.

    As for the vacuuming, one word ~ "Roomba"!

    I would definately go there if I didn't honestly believe it would give Scooby Doo (aka Chicken Boy) a heart attack☺

    My verify word is "upersta"
    Very fitting cuz you aw a upersta. LOL!

  3. Darn it! I couldn't get the photo to come up. Oh, well, please try again.

  4. Would you EVER consider doing a tutorial for those awesome earrings? I would so love to learn how to make them. I've just ordered some (okay, a lot) of beads thru JetBeads (how awesome are they?) and need new projects (like I need a hole in my head). I love what you do!