March 28, 2011

What (not) to do when all hail breaks loose:

  • Call everyone you know locally to make sure they are aware that giant ice is falling from the sky just in case they have mistaken the pounding on their rooves for premature reindeer hooves. 
  • Make believe rooves is a word and trust everyone else does too.
  • (also that reindeer would show up in March.  Or at all.)
  • Grab your camera.
  • Open the window to get a closer look, but not because it is too dirty to see out of.
  • Slam the window shut as ice tears through the screen(s).

  • Go downstairs and open the front door.
  • Get bonked on the head with a golfball while accidentally capturing a pic of a baseball.
  • Slam the front door.

  • Wait until it no longer sounds like the Romans are on the other side with a battering ram.
  • Go outside and take some pictures, because holy hail, you've got to be kidding me.
  • (this doesn't happen in Alabama, at least not in my corner of it)

...not as soft as snow...
Maybe don't walk on it barefoot.

  • Take your camera inside and go back outside in what is now merely a torrential downpour
  • because you must know immediately if your beloved Cherokee has suffered any damage.
  • Run your hands all over the hood, and upon finding dents galore also notice how dirty it is.
  • Run inside, grab a rag, and give the entire thing a good rub down in the rain.
  • Because you are an idiot.
  • Or maybe that's just me.



  1. What the HAIL?!?! Crazy woman!
    Tip: Next time put on hard hat prior to walking under dropping baseballs... ;)

    I'm crying Cherokee tears for your jeep... :( I can send your insurance person cookies if it'll help!

  2. Good gads!! Enuf to tear the screen wow. What about cars Id hate to have my car outside then!!

  3. OMG! I haven't seen hail like that since I lived in Germany (uhmm...mumble, 27 years ago). Though you did put a smile on my face of all you had to go through to take a pic, but BE CAREFUL! Sorry to hear about the jeep - hope everything turns out fine!

  4. Is the apocalypse happening?! What is it with crazy weather? I hope that you are okay. You didn't bring any inside to store in your freezer did you? That is what we do (and it is not like we don't have snow here 11-enty-bazillion months out of the year.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. You are funny.....I don't comment on tons of blogs....but had to on this one. you need to be a stand up comedian. I agree with Dawn Marie....keep a hard hat handy!!!!

  6. I just laughed and scared the cat. haaaaaaaaa This whole weather craziness is just that...craziness. Luckily it's not inhibiting your craftiness...Love you! Jen

  7. Omigod, that's so funny. I can relate, because I had a crazy experience with Hurrican Irene in 1998. Looking outside, wanting to go outside, but afraid to go outside. And so much more.