March 16, 2011

Maybe this will shame me into action.

Bead Table Wednesday?  

Okay then.

I am 50%  EW
75% Laissez-faire
about the state of my table. 

Let's blame it on the new torch, K?



  1. Yikes! I was totally unprepared for that. Good grief, woman, how can you function?
    My mild case of OCD is making me all jumpy.
    I must go now. Quivering and shaking.

  2. Ellen, you make me giggle... I have no OCD at least in the "tidy.workspace" department. :o) As I glance at Juls space, I think "Gee, I could move right in there!" LOL

    Isn't it funny how creative minds work?

    Juls, I totally dig your purrrty lighter. LOL And I see oodles and oodles of sorter organizer thingys in the mirror... so I know deep down you've really got it all together, right?


  3. Hahahaha! That's what my beading space would probably look like if I had a consistent one. XD Hope you're having fun with your torch, though!

  4. Hehe! Looks much like the inside of my beading bag which came with me to college and work today....optimistic of me....let's just say we both have highly creative spaces :-)

  5. Oh, you really ARE my twinny!! My beading table is always a hot mess...but I know where EVERYTHING I need is...Oh yeah, my kitchen table is like that too. And so is my coffee table...

  6. That's okay! Your bead table looks like mine would if I really had one! You got a new torch! Wow! I wondered what had happened! Glad you got that going.

  7. Juls - wish I had a dime for every time my studio looked like that! I with Dawn, looks like home and I could move right in...