March 17, 2011

Which title fits this post best?

We had a quick but nasty tornadic storm last week, one which saw me snatching Kitteh from under the bed and hauling her, myself, and Chelsea into this room while sirens blared all around us.

I took this photo when the front first came speeding in.  The eel colored sky and swirling cloud motion was just too...too.

Pretty, huh?
Bear with me, 'cause there's a point....

This morning I removed the Gift Certificate button from this blog.   I am going to tell you the why of it while smacking myself in the head with the stupid stick.

Over the weekend someone purchased a Gift Certificate from that button as a birthday present.  And y'all it has proven all but impossible for the recipient to redeem it.  And when I say all but impossible what I mean is I have been on the phone with Paypal every day this week.  She has been on the phone with Paypal every day this week. 

One would think it would be a simple process to redeem said gift certificate, no?  Trust. The answer to that question is a resounding No. Soooo, let's try creating a direct link to be sent in email to make the process smoother.  Okay then.  Let's do that. Did it work?  Again a resounding no.  Maybe we should attack it from the giftee's angle?....

Sign in with this email address and go to that page to enter this code on that line in this font and do all this while simultaneously jumping up and down on your hands and singing the Bavarian National Anthem with your eyes crossed.

Did that work?

Uh Uh.  That payment remains afloat in noman'smoneyland.   I don't know about you, but I don't like it when someone messes with my money.  No I don't.

I'm pretty comfortable speaking for the birthday girl when I say she is also less than thrilled.

Which brings me to the second photo I took during last week's storm.  See the giant foot complete with toes on the right side of the pic?

Yes?   No?

How about now?

Let's just say I'd like to aim that foot
at a certain part of Paypal's anatomy.

At least I didn't say ass.



  1. You threw me on that one. I was trying to name the top pic. lol
    Hope your paypal issue is resolved soon.

  2. Wow-- Nice pictures. Had a similar problem with Paypal a few months ago-- All I can say is-- DO point that foot at their ass-- If someone was holding their Money hostage they would!

  3. Hi Juls, oh my gosh that storm mi=ust have been scarey i am so gald you are all ok! & thanks for th info on the pay pal thing oin regards yo gift cert. good to know. Hope you and your Family have a Happy St. Patties day ttfn L:)

  4. My first thought was "it's kinda like the foot on the Monty Python show opening segment." Of course, if you never watched Monty Python, this makes no sense, but trust me...

  5. Freaky Teaky sky sister! So glad everything ended well in your neck of the woods. I loved watching clouds as a kid. Just laying in the grass looking up and trying to see things in the cloud formations.

    I think I might go lay in my yard today and do the same thing! :o) Come join me!