March 15, 2011

And by mama I mean me.

Part of an Own My Skillz day~
strung on mandrels
because they aren't clean yet.

And why aren't they clean yet?

Because mama wore out her last diamond bit so mama has been cleaning beads by hand and now mama has arthritis all the way down to her big toe.  

So mama had no choice but to finally order this, because HELLO LOVER, come to mama. 



  1. Oooh I see some really good stuff in that batch!

  2. OMG Juls!! That looks better than a 5 lb. box of See's candy--and if you licked them you wouldn't gain weight. ;-) CJ

  3. Looks like mama's been a busy girl!
    Beautiful beads!!

  4. Whoo! Hoo! Gotta love the skillz for a day...I know a few people who do!!! =) Great job, mama!!!

  5. Oh yea....I used to clean glass beads for a local glass artist....This is the cream of the crop!