March 3, 2011

It's like getting an Oscar. Only almost better.

Dawn likes my Blaaaah  aaaaawg.  Dawn likes my Blaaaah aaaaawg.

Now that you know the words feel free to join in on my sing song singalong.  We'll have a party.

This award has the word damn printed on it.  And it's underlined.  And while I'm not given to swearing in front of my mama I think even she'd agree this here is a pretty good time to make an exception.

Thanks so much, Dawn.
You're pretty damn awesome, too.

Rulz:  which I am going to try to follow since it seems I've been breaking them incessantly as of late.

Pass it on to 7 other awesome bloggers. 

(Can I ask a question first?  What is about the number 7 that deserves so much attention?  Judging by the fact that 90% of awards require the passing along of it to 7 people, it seems other numbers really get left out in the cold.  There are A LOT OF OTHER NUMBERS in the world.  Spread the love, Awards.)

1.  TattyTiara and I share a brain.  Only she doesn't know it because it mostly lives at her house.
2.  Beadwright If you haven't met Nicole yet, stop hiding under that rock. She's fantastic.
3.  Silver NikNats I discovered this beauty in the Bead Soup Blog Hop.
4.  Foxan's  Her work is exquisite.
5.  Hyperbole and a Half  You will laugh now.
6.  La Bella Joya Prolific and talented.
7.  Jen Judd Rocks You'll want to put her in your pocket.

7 things about me:

94.    I bet you aren't even reading this.
11.    If you are reading this then you know I'm about to break a rule.
37.    Because I can't help it.
456.  I made beads yesterday.
18.    I like cupcakes.
63.    Are you still here?
79.    I have to go retrieve 78 beads from the kiln.
8.      So I can clean them.
52.    I don't want to do that.
112.  I'd rather eat a cupcake.
27.    I bet you have a cupcake.
0.      Can I have it?



  1. Yes you can have a cupcake! Damn should be printed on it because Damn you got it from Dawn before me! Damn you sent it on to others I would have. Damn do you really what to know 7 things about me?


  2. Damn.
    Now you have gone and done it.
    You have introduced a new-to-me blog that is a must-read. And Blogger just informed me that I am at the capacity of 300 blogs that I follow (which apparently is the limit. Who knew?). Now I need to pull one off the rotation, because I read the scary story that Ally posted on Hyperbole and a Half and I LOVED IT! New blog crush. Thanks for that!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. And I can say I knew her when. They grow up so quick...
    Congrats you knuckle head.

  4. Yeahy! Thank you thats fantastic and much deserved your blogs prety damn cool!