March 3, 2011

Too Tired To Title.

I get up in the morning around 6 and go to bed at night around midnight.  All of the other hours are spent making beads or cleaning beads or photographing beads or listing beads or scrubbing whatever surface needs it in the house.  Some days I remember to check the mail or water the plants and usually I make time to eat a few minutes after my stomach climbs up my throat and wraps itself around my head.

I am one of those people that functions best on 8 hours a night, so every day around lunchtime I get a case of the sleepies strong enough to subdue the Terminator and while most days I am able to fight through it there are those days when I can't.  Like today.  With 1 bead set left to list I fell asleep sitting at my desk.  That was 45 minutes ago.

I just woke up~ which means I slept fortyfiveminutes sitting straight up in a wooden chair.  Which is fine if you are dozing in science class, notsomuch when you aren't.  The strange thing is that when I actually lie down for a nap my internal clock is set for 20 minutes.  I don't wake up grumpy and I can still stand erect.  I'm hesitant to try that right now, but if you don't hear from me tomorrow that means I've fallen and I'm over here lying in the floor covered in beads.

Getting older is just so damn sexy.


Here are a few of the new pretties I listed today~


  1. Juls I love the new pretties, especially the orangy ones!
    I know what you mean about 8 hrs a night, by the time the weekend rolls around I feel like a need an entire extra day tacked on to the week just so I can catch up on all the hours of sleep I missed Mon- Fri.
    Hope you get some good rest soon, "sit-up naps" SUCK!

  2. Hi Juls, well if u could see my face right now its a few shades of red, i am very sorry i left you a comment the other day regarding a tutorial i thought was you and upon opening my eyes and accually looking i noticed it was not you at all, can u ever forgive me for my silliness right now i am sticking out my bottom lip, and batting my big brown eyes,whenever i do that my son says a bird is going to poop on my lip,any way my sincerest appology, and oh i just love those beads ttfn Lana(airhead)Kinney :)& please get some rest in a proper place i don't want to freak you out but i am going to anyway 8 years ago i fell backwards off a chair while dozzing off and i broke my neck so please get horizonrtal to rest ok please & thank-you :)

  3. You are one talented lady, that has a crazy sense of humor! You crack me up! One should consider lying down when this tired...or at lease finding a chair that reclines.