March 2, 2011


A long long time ago in a land pretty far away I sat down in front of a torch and wound melted glass on a piece of steel because this girl made me. (Something for which I am forever grateful)  You probably won't believe this but my very first bead was perfect (I still have it!), and that turned out to be a really good thing because the next 20 were not and had I missed out on the joy of the first bead I probably would have trashed the whole idea because I only like to do things I'm good at.  Like writing run-on sentences.

This was back before lampwork became mainstream and you could pretty easily identify an artist by the design and style of any bead.   I found myself almost instantly hooked on frit and the word Fritastic was born.  It took over my life like I'd had a baby.  Except without all the diaper changing.

I invested in a huge assortment of single color frits from Val Cox and Olympic Rod and set about mixing and matching and twisting and turning paisleyish designs into the glass.  It was wicked fun and my unique style for several years, but like most repetitive things that particular process lost its luster and it was time to move on.

Now there are just random times when I find myself curious and decide to break out those colors to see what happens.

These happened yesterday~

You'll find them on Etsy

along with more

Ridgy Raku sets.



  1. Oh Baby I love when you get crazy! These are Fritastic!!! How fun and pretty! If it wouldn't break all my teeth and cost millions and millons of dollars to fix them I would eat them up!!!

  2. I love the way frit looks so painterly in the right hands. And you have those right hands sistah!Those ridges look so shimmery and cool, like ice scupltures melting but in color and made of glass. Bee-YOU-tiful!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Fritastic is only the beginning! You are definitely going to make me go broke!

  4. These are fabulous, I think they look like paper lanterns.

  5. Mmmmm I do love Val Cox frits! I have a few that I have used in my glass fusing. I love your new beads the texture is great!


  6. LOVE!!!!! But, I just got my I need to get busy making stuff before I get any more busy BUYING more!!! LOL! The raku beads make me so happy!

  7. Hi Juls,those beads are just beautiful, i like the way Erin spelled bee-YOU-tiful cause the beads remind me honey soooo sweet!!

  8. Love those beads, Juls! They are lovely!

  9. As usual, you are doing insanely gorgeous work!! I just wanted to pop on over here to say Hi...and to remind you not to forget to check your mailbox regularly...!!

  10. Bwahhaaa...those purple ones are MINE! LOL. I don't know why, but I'm hooked on purple shades lately.
    Hugs & Bead Happy!