March 21, 2011

I'm gonna go ahead and shirk my personal writing responsibilities today,

and instead ride the coat tail fruit of someone else's labor.

Heidi over at Ex Post Facto Jewelry stunned me into silence this morning, and for her word thievery I think the price of retribution should be the return of this focal bead to my hands:

Of course it should arrive in it's current state, dressed in such rockin' finery and lookin' the flyest of the super.  Which is tricksy speak for GIMME THAT, because daaaaaaaaaaaaaang.  Gorgeous!

Heidi, you make a beadmama humble and proud.


  1. I think she should return the whole thing WITH a loaf of homemade banana bread!

  2. Aww, shucks thank you! And it would totally go with your hat too. The good news is: now that I've used one of your beads, I need to fill the hole in my stash with *another one of your beads* so I'll be watching & waiting for just the right one to show up in your etsy shop. (I'm thinking the bumpy dotty look, whatever that's called.)

    As for the banana bread, Ellen, I don't know if that could make it out of my kitchen in one piece!

  3. Wowzer she did make you a happy girl! I for one say that when you have perfect bead like yours the inspiration just ooozzzzzzeeeesss fabulishous!

    Dang I so want that with the banana bread too!