March 20, 2011

All up in your face

Here are some close ups of beads wearing a couple of the frit blends I made last week. 

Tribal Turquoise~



One of these days I shall return to regaling you with nonsensical stories of the special brand of crazy that is my own.  Right now I'm busy pretending to be a grown up in world that already has too many.  

Naturally I'm doing this from under the blanket tent built on the furniture in my living room, but it still counts.



  1. I so love your kind of crazy... ! Gorgeous beads, of COURSE! I'm very partial to the purple ones, yes I AM.

  2. Gorgeous! You know I am not a pinky person but that last set is pretty special. Very nice indeedy!


  3. Love the last set too! Very pretty! Don't ever stay a grown up for too long!

  4. Love the beads. Love the color combos and the frit adds tons to the look.
    Don't bother with the grown-up thing. It's way too much work and way over rated.
    Besides, we all know you well enough to know you really can't pull it off.