March 22, 2011

Optimism is a strength well possessed.

"Everything works out in the end, so if it hasn't worked out it isn't the end."~ an online aquaintance quoting her sister whom I don't know, but would like very much.

There has been a series of personal and professional events lately that has made my path only slightly less perilous than if you were to entrust me to make it through an entire day without again bumping into the same chair that I did yesterday (the chair that has been there for over 4 years and will be there again tomorrow) or knocking something over that I knew I would knock over when I set it down in that spot.  What I'm trying to say is that I am just graceful enough to frequently drop things and you probably don't want me tagging along to pick out your China pattern.

Now let's talk strength for a minute because that is something I can speak to, the thing that I am beyond all others.  I'm probably not the friend you call when you want gratuitous words over the trivial dalliances of life.  (I'm really sorry you broke the heel on your favorite shoe, here's some glue)  What I am is the friend you call when life goes to shit and what you need is the kind of honest empathy you can only get from someone who respects the journey enough to understand the shit part is necessary (and can see the humor in it).  I am blessed that God provided me with just the right experiences in my youth to keep perspective, to embrace the temporary-ness of it all, to remember that if it is that bad it can only eventually get better. 

And it will.

I often kid that I hear voices in my head, and now's as opportune a time as any to tell you that its true.  We all do.  Each of us fight the battles of should/shouldn't can/can't good/bad love/hate.  It is what makes us human and reminds us that while a joyful and heartbreaking ride, life is the only best gift...and it "isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."  ~Anonymous

With love,


  1. Girl you are so right...nough said!

  2. PS...How do I get my hands on one of these beautiful heart beads? I'd like to purchase the pink one if it's available!

  3. Awesome Juls ☺
    The thoughts.
    The feelings.
    The beads.

  4. Great post, applicable to my life right now.

  5. Gorgeous hearts...but then all your beads are gorgeous!!!

    Great thoughts/word!!!

  6. Oh yes you are that kind of people and I am so very lucky that you are and so are the rest of us! You know you be the BOMB baby!

  7. That pink heart is stunning..Love it-- They are just so pretty.

  8. You are strength personified Miss Juls. I always know that whether I need an honest word or a hilarious observation there is no one I would rather come to than you. I hope that your own reserves of strength are enough to get you through. But if you need to dip into any of mine, just let me know.
    Those hearts are fragile strength as well.

    And if you are going through hell, keep on going. Stopping and standing won't get you anywhere and can only lead to hot feet.



  9. Wow, very timely as tomorrow I celebrate 4 years as a cancer "thriver." I have gained a lot of insight and understanding since that day. I believe I am a much stronger person because of the experience.
    I'm also the gal to call that will laugh my ass off with you and cry when the time is right.
    If I believed in anything, especially, reincarnation, I'd say you were my best friend, Sue, who died at age 47. Spunky and strong as hell she was.

  10. made me relax from my multi-tasked morning for just a moment and it feels good. You rock...and roll...and all that. haaaaaaaa

  11. You are not only the Beading are just simply a Goddess amongst regular folks. Your heart is 110% gold, my dear.

  12. Needed that more than you know. Thanks girl! MU!!!