March 14, 2011

Mom, you should skip this one.

The brilliance and sarcastic truth of this spoof more than make up for the fact that the F bomb is dropped a couple of times. 



  1. Good Monday Morning Sunshine,that was pretty f*&%@#$ funny.i think we have all heard that word a time or 2 in our lives & i think i may have even had a "Pipe dream or two" lol i've missed all my fav blogger no one has been on almost all weekend guess i just have to much time on my hands i should be in my studio getting redi for festival season but i have just been in a funk well ttfn :)

  2. I've seen several Xtranormal videos, and they've all been hysterical. Particularly love the part when she asks if he'll have enough money for overhead and alimony. Thanks for a good giggle!

  3. Love this!! Very funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Love it! I've seen a similar one about a husband that spends waaay too much money on a new fishing rod and reel. Have you seen the one called "A Potter at an Art Fair"?