February 25, 2011

One a day keeps the Doctor away~ Or something like that.

While I was putting together the Cab giveaway package and subsequent collections I started to feel a little angsty about parting with so much stuff.  I mean, eventually I would use 20 of the same cab.  Wouldn't I?  Might I need that exact color in that exact shape in 15 years?  What if I got rid of them all and ohmygoshwhatamIgonnadonow?

Enter a newly formed obsessive need to use a few of each right this minute, so at the very least I could feel good at that mythical future point knowing I had not ignored and then abandoned them to unknown fates.

(That red is actually fuschia,
but you probably already knew that)

Also?  I'm thinking of hopping back on the show circuit this year, and by thinking of what I mean is the first one is next month.    These pendant necklaces are a great way to balance creative enjoyment and price points in an economy that wants to steal my chocolate wine and happiness.



  1. Love those necklaces! Have fun with your first show next month!

  2. Love the bead work. Good luck with your show and come back and tell us how it went. I am thinking about getting into shows myself. Any tips and hints?

  3. I love doing shows with our weather here in Candada they are seasonal can't wait!Good lucl next month.i have some tips for u Carol i find that presentaion is key think outside the box create a display that is eye catching & good light at nite are a must,always try to have a helper so when u get busy no one is left to fend for themselves,even greet passerbyers just walking on by there sure to stop in with just a freindly smile & hello! have a great weekend!!

  4. Oh I would love to shop at those shows!!!! Thats it I need a million dollars!

  5. Juls I just love the combo of the brown and turquoise! What an eye catching color scheme.