February 25, 2011

I just sat down in this chair so how is it possible that 5 hours have gone by?

Oh, that's right.  I had to take pictures. You should read that as I have a new camera with no memory stick, so I can take 4 shots at a time...edit or trash those 4 shots, go back and take 4 more shots, rinse and repeat until everything is photographed.  I am lacking in the squee department at the moment.

Bright side?  A few new bead sets are now listed on Etsy.

Unbright side?  It isn't lookin' good for my Big Reveal to happen before O'Dark Thirty tomorrow.  

I'm going to cut myself some slack about it though.  I've been super busy in February falling in like with that man, and as far as I'm concerned True Like is akin to a perfectly grilled Filet Mignon.  I'll get around to the soup in a minute.  

We'll call it dessert, K?



  1. Your new beads are AB FAB!! I might have to check out the shop to see what's left.

  2. you are so talented,so many ideas spinning in your head. i make alot of leather jewelry and never like those ugly cord ends THAT SWQUISH. I found your tut. on making them with wire a few years back ,now thats all i use so nice that i can match the wire color according to the beads etc.looks much more handcrafted. thanks so much for that ;p

  3. Hot damn! But I love me some ribs... and those ribbed beads are making my mouth water! You have been busy and everyone can understand, what with being all moonie-eyed and such. I was up to o'dark thirty last night makin' soup. And I actually hate soup. The real kind. The bead kindz I lovz! Even if you post your soup late, or in 3 weeks, I will still come by with my spoon ready to sample! Love you, Miss Thang!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. So pretty! If you keep this up you are going to make me get my torch out, buy oxygen, order glass and miss a house payment! Stop, no don't.

    I wish I could buy them all!

  5. One set is now mine!!! I got the chartreuse!! I looooove that word...chartreuse. It's so exotic. Kind of like living in Alabama.

  6. Hi Julie
    You'll get to it! I saw your lovely beads and cross in my mom's soup (#96). I'm going to have to think about hiring you for at least a half day!
    I decided to start at the bottom of the list (I'm in the middle at #95). I hope you get a really good response from the swap/hop -- So much fun!

    Artemisia's Studio

  7. Dang it! Lori got the green ones already. Now I have to stalk your shop and watch for more. :)

  8. I love the melon/ribbed thing you have going on here

  9. That man!,,,!,,! I miss everything since my DELL has decided it does not like ur blogg. Sigh. I also hate this darn iPad It's a real pain.

    Lov the new beads.