February 24, 2011

Oh Look! A blog.

I've been seeing all these "test" posts on my blog list for the Bead Soup 'Big Reveal' over the last few days, and it made me wonder why everyone was planning so far in advance.  I mean hellooooo, there's plenty of time isn't there?

Yeahnotsomuch.  Wish me luck.

I really have been beading at night though, and tomorrow I'll prove it.  For now I'll share what recent days have looked like.  This is part of an Own My Skillz collection that just headed to a new home~

If you're interested in being my boss for a day, check out the details in the tab at the top.



  1. I'm hopeing the best for my soup too. You are not alone...:-)

  2. I thought mom and I were behind when we finished our pieces on Wednesday :) Good luck Juls, I know what you create will be awesome!
    Gorgeous collection of beads! The person is one lucky recipient of all of those goodies!
    Have a great Friday and I can't wait till tomorrow to see everyone's creations.

  3. Ya know... I was literally just thinking that for you as I read your post about sleeping with the beads earlier this week. My exact thought was "Strange, Juls hasn't mentioned anything about bead soup." Now we know why.

    I know you rock the casbah under pressure... how about that... mixed two totally great 80's tunes.. The Clash meets David Bowie. ♫

    So my dear, I can't wait to see your bowl of Awsome.S.auce Soup!


  4. Awesome Sauce is coming! Awesome sauce is coming! I am so excited to see!!!!!!

  5. Yummy looking beads for some lucky recipient!

  6. Wonderful, colorful, joyous, gotta have some.....need more money... then I will be your boss for a day...
    I will be back tomorrow to see your Bead Soup Masterpiece!! Get some sleep!!

  7. OOOOOOOH!!!! I wonder whose house they're headed to!!!!! OOOOOOH!