January 28, 2011

You guys.

I can't seem to shake the sick right now.    It's mostly a functional sick if you count a symphony of guzzling cough syrup in bed and then coughing so hard anyway that said cough syrup shoots up, out and into the toilet like a geiser from planet EW as 'functional'. 

That's more than I wanted to say on the topic, so how's about you just send some healthy thoughts and prayers my way please?  You're awesome.

In the 12 years I've been a seed bead connoisseur I was never previously inspired to make a herringbone chain.  Maybe because I abhor patterny repetition~ and trust me when I tell you it doesn't get any more repetitive than ladder stitching 2 beads at a time around 16 inches of cord.  Just typing that made me want to stick a fork in my eye.

And yet...

I won't tell anyone if you won't, K?


  1. sorry you are still so sick..i'm headed to the Redi-clinic today to get antibiotics ..going on a month now with mine..TIRED of it already!
    your seed bead "chain is lovely..only recently have i started to appreciate seed beads.

  2. That sucks that you are sick! I am sending healthy and get will thoughts your way!!!! Love the chain! You have much more patience then I do, just the thought gives me hives! Feel better soon!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you are still sick....Hmmm..for the coughing...try a little honey...or warm lemon water with a bit of honey. I don't like the taste, but it helps sooth your throat.
    It's mindless stitching, I know. But it sure looks pretty.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon! I battled this damn cold for over five weeks and almost went crazy about it!

  5. Colds can be nasty...wishing you well!!!
    I'm one of those people who gets the flu shot and while the Dr's tell me it only works for certain strains I feel it helps to give your immune system a boost...at least it sure seems to for me!!!

    I know it isn't for everyone but I wouldn't be without it as it has made a huge difference in my over all health!

    Great herringbone chain...I love the look but I just don't have the patience for bead work, part of the reason is because I can't see the little fellows very well...I've tried but it just is not in me, but I can appreciate the work involved in the pieces!!!
    Take care...

  6. Hope you feel better soon!What about hot toddies to helpw/ the cough? (even if it doesn't help you might sleep through felling like hammered crap on a stick!! I've never had any desire to weave seed beads but I have great respect for those that can.

  7. Wish you weren't feeling so sick.
    I'm beaming healthy right at ya.
    Love the cord.

  8. molto bello il tuo blog!!! se vuoi passa dal mio ;) a presto marina

  9. You got the crud. Sorry about that, Juls! We need you back on your feet, so prayers are flying to heaven for you as I write! Feel better soon!

  10. Look how productive you are when you are sick! And yes, that whole patterning thing makesgag reflex kick in (not others doing it, just me!) and seed beads make my eyes twitch. You have patience (and eye sight) like a tiger about to pounce! Enjoy the day. Thinking healthy thoughts for you (that include hunky looking men catering to your every whim!) I hope that image cheers you up (I know it did me!)
    Enjoy the day, Juls!

  11. Sending you healing and love Sweetness. I hope you are so one the mend from this bout!

  12. Illness will make you do the oddest things. Hope you are well soon.

  13. Sorry for the sick (she said from behind her germ-inhibiting mask)!

    When it comes to beadweaving things in herringbone or peyote, I alternate between hating the repetition and falling into a OCD Zen hypnotic zone from the sameness.

    Which may not sound like a good thing, but it DOES make the voices shut up for a while ;-)

  14. Awwww Juls, I think you need some homemade Nana's Chicken Noodle Soup... What's your Nana's number... I'll call her and I know she'll hook you up!

    Great Herringbone... I got kinda dizzy looking at it.... LOL

    Hope you're feeling better very soon... cuz I ain't comin' down until the bugs are long gone!!! :)


  15. Hey Juls, so sorry you are still fighting the sick. As for seed beads chains and ropes. I have 45 years under my belt. Love em all. You just may get hooked....LOL


  16. Soooo, you're the one who sent me this crap(literally & figuratively)
    I'll send ya some light and healing if you send it back....hang in there sweetie,supposedly what doesn't kill us makes us stronger....

  17. Nice work, and oh man I hope you're feeling better soon. The coughing stage of illness has to be the worst - it seems to go on forever.

  18. You are doing what? Making a herringbone? You must be sick! Get Well Soon!

  19. I just have no idea how seed beaders do ANY of that!