January 31, 2011

NUH UH! No she d'int!

Here's where I show you a present I received this week and even though it is 100% awesome saucy you will decide not to be jealous because it says "Julsbeads" and you wouldn't want one that says "Julsbeads" because your blog is named something really cool and unique like "NOT Julsbeads".

Remember the billboard that Beth created a few months ago when I had a bead giveaway?   She turned it into a needlecase for me, and when I tell you it is awesome saucy what I actually mean is I ate it for breakfast. 


She also sent along the pattern she created to make it.  Seeing as how I'm the opposite of people who love patterny things I'll probably just frame that part, but for those of you who achieve Zen while accomplishing patterns you would be doing yourself a favor to go check out the myriad of possibilities over at Until We Bead Again.  Design skills.  The girl's got 'em.


  1. Well crap. I knew I would forget something. I'll send the toothpicks later so that you can pick the beads out of your teeth!