November 17, 2010

Now about those beads...


You remember how I was all you can take out an ad in your local paper about the bead giveaway if you want to?  And you know how most of y'all probably thought I was kidding?   

Beth obviously knows me well enough to know better, and she sent me this photo the other day which made me laugh way out loud.  In fact I'm still smiling so big I can feel new laugh lines forming as I type.

I like me some laugh lines.

And desktop art.
I like that too.

You know I had to frame it.

Beth doesn't know it yet,
but she is definitely getting
a bead because
hello Julsbeads on a billboard.


Now about that drawing.  Whoooboy.  I didn't expect so many comments, so that whole drawing a handwritten name out of a hat thing hit File 13 pretty darn quick.   I shared this giveaway on Lampwork Etc and adding the entries there to the comments here put the total at 108.

What I'm trying to say is Hello Multiple Random Number Generator, where you been all my life?

#90 ~ Paige of Paige Maxim Designs
#41 ~ Christine of Christine's Beadworks
#10 ~ Lori of Pretty Things

Y'all have won a custom made Focal Bead.   If you could email me with your Bead choice and color preferences that would be much appreciated.  (I will also shoot an email in your direction when I get home.)


If anyone wants that ugly bird up top that I knew would be ugly and said would be ugly and actually is ugly, leave a comment on this post.  I'll be drawing a name when I get home tonight in hopes of finding him a loving home with someone who sees the potential for ugly to be the new pretty.

I'm betting there will be a whole lot less comments for him.  Bless his heart.


CONTEST HAS ENDED.  Congratulations to comment #4, Stacy of SLMPeterson!

Thanks everyone for the comments made of fabYOUlous!


  1. I am guessing he isn't as ugly as you say so would like to prove you wrong and turn him into something wonderful. I tried to be creative with my words but it's 12.10am here so wonderful is as wonderful as I get at the wonderfully late hour that it is!!


  2. She is not ugly! :) Of course, that could be the percocet speaking after my back surgery yesterday! :)

  3. Hang on... are you talking about the bird at the top of your post? Well he isn't can you say he is ugly... are you sure he is the one... because he is ...well.... just wonderful! I mustn't be wearing my ugly detecting glasses today!

  4. I'll take him! Ugly is only in the eye of the beholder! Wait, maybe that's beauty...well at any rate I would make sure he has a good home and would protect him from the bullies that might poke fun at his ugliness!

  5. that bird is not ugly I'd love to be his Mama from another Mama. .... Ain't No Ugly Here ...

    xo Mare

  6. Maybe he's so ugly that he's beautiful...if nothing else, he's interesting :)

  7. That is NOT an ugly bird. She looks like she is very seriously trying to figure out how to fly, or chirp, or most likely, find a way to a lovely new home!

  8. How dare you call Mr. Giggles (that is his name, you know!) ugly. I think he is quite cute. I love that he could just perch on my work bench and talk to me while I am working (in his case it would be squawking, but I would totally understand him!). And I know he can't be ugly because you brought him to life and I love all the beads you bring to life.

    Enjoy the day!

  9. Regardless of his perceived beauty, he is, after all, a celebrity now! I would give him a place of honor just by himself to be hims little self hanging in my window and taunting my kitties! I love all the bubbles in his belly.

  10. I agree with Erin that Mr Giggles is a treasure! He will be a true gift to anyone! I am sad I did not win one of those focals but thanks for the opportunity to have fun entering (Ok who am I kidding....AWWW NUTS!)
    Congrats ladies you have won a true treasure!


  11. Is that bird ugly? Not in the photo. Maybe he's uglier in person, like how your beads are more fabulous in person!! Maybe he's beautiful on the inside!

  12. You know if he came to live with me he would be loved;~)

  13. AJKFKJSK! HE'S GORGEOUS!! What are you talking about? I want him, I could love a bead that was named Ugly. <3


  14. He's not ugly- just maybe beauty impaired. All your little birdies are cuties!

  15. Um, do NOT make me get all WHACK on you...don't you EVER dare say that anything Juls makes is ugly...them's fightin' words!! LOL

  16. I don't think he's ugly at all. I like that his tummy looks like it's full of gumdrops or jelly beans or some kind of candy ;-)

  17. Ugly birds need lovin' too. Although I don't think it is ugly. I am glad that I have found you. I hoping to house many ugly birds.

  18. me me me me please - and there is no such thing as an ugly Juls bead :-)

  19. Oh Hey Juls. I just woke up. I've been in a coma the past few days. Thanks for letting me know I'm getting a bead. Appreciate it. By the way, it's not that gawd awful looking ugly bird one is it? LOL!

  20. Juls, thank you so much, I woke up to your email and it made a hectic morning so much better!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  21. Holy crow! I'm so behind on my blog reading that I missed this! I rarely win things so I'm over the moon! THANK YOU!