December 21, 2010

Merry Halloween Happy New Thanksgiving!

That should cover most everything for 2010 and the beginning of 2011 just in case it really is still June and I sleep for the next 6 months.  Group hug.

Busy.  (n)  from the Julispeak dictionary~

A 4 letter word that is too small to mean something so big, too indiscriminate to justify why I haven't had time to shower in a week* and too time consuming to explain.    And really, busy?  Izzy is a silly sound which makes you a silly word.   Now go fetch me a clean towel.


After slicing a couple of London Broils and marinating them overnight in my own Ancient Chinese Secret recipe I have spent the morning with my sense of smell being accosted by Beef Jerky.   If you make your own, you know what I'm saying.  It is taking every measure of self restraint to not open one of the dehydrators and snatch up a piece or 10.


I bought myself a couple of Christmas presents and they arrived today.

I've only just skimmed through,
but both are loaded with
beautifully inpsiring
eye candy
and what appear to be
excellent instructions.


I decided to split the $50 from my last post and send $25 to 2 people.  After reading so many emails from so many people in need it felt like the right thing to do.  I wish I could do more, but know that every single of one you is in my prayers and that you are loved.


*I kid.  It's been 2.


  1. Once again you have the heart of an angel (but we need to talk about the smell...K?) Now you sport your favorite PJ's and grab some beads and flip through those presents of yours! You need to rest a bit. Oh and maybe watch Dexter for like the 40th time! Hugs and Love!

  2. Have a good ChristHanukkKwanzaamas to you and yours.

  3. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your new yummy books! I have the one by Marcia, but don't have the other. So fun.

  4. warm from the dehydrator jerky is the best, & I don't even wait til it is all done!as soon as it is dry looking I start in on it~yum. have a great christmas, XOX

  5. I agree with Kristen. You goodness will come back to you.
    Have a wonderful holiday in any verbage! LOL

  6. I can't wait to see what you do with your new books! I have a stack of book waiting to be read. And you are such a good soul.