December 18, 2010

I've been thinkin.

As a little girl I was completely fascinated with the year 2000.  To my mind it was a far off time in a far off land and how would we ever get there?  This was in the 70s ~ when my biggest worry was whether or not green beans and/or milk would be involved with dinner.     I remember asking my daddy so many times if I would still be alive in the year 2000 and his answer was always the same.  "I hope so, little bit."

It took a long time to get to 2000.  A long time packed with life and travel and good/bad experiences, most of which I'd not give up for all the money the world.  I turned 29 that year.  I made a major life decision that year.  I worked and played and loved and laughed.  I struggled and overcame and fell down and got back up and made the most of it.  It was a good/bad year that brought permanent change to my life.

Fast forward what seems like 5 minutes later, and it is the end of 2010. I'm still here. I turned 39 this year.  I've made some good/bad decisions, but no major ones.  I've worked hard.  I've struggled and overcome and fallen down and gotten up and it's been a good/bad year that for the most part has found me keeping my head down and plugging along.  This year has been a coaster~ time on which I've rested my glass sometimes half full and sometimes half empty~ that hasn't brought any permanent change.  Aside from it being the last of my 30s, it's been little more than passing time.

And it's flown by.

Between work and Christmas the next couple of weeks promise to continue that trend, so to end 2010 in a way that defines what is meaningful I want to give something to someone who could use a little help.

I am offering a $50 Gift in Paypal to someone who truly needs it.  If it would give your child a Christmas or put food on your family's table please leave a comment.  If you know someone this small gift would make a difference to please leave a comment.

I will draw a random number on Monday morning.

Please feel free to share this post~ or better yet please feel free to help someone else if you are able.


  1. Luckily, I don't have the need for the money...if I was going to make an extra donation, I would give it to a local no-kill animal shelter...they all have so many extra animals right now that I'm sure they'd appreciate it...

  2. I don't know anyone in this kind of need but I made sure to spread the word so maybe you can find someone who is in need of such a gift from your heart. Treasure doesn't even begin to describe what a generous and loving person you are!

    Squnches in Bunches

  3. I don't know of any "one" person. Do you have a Xmas Program where you Live? Here we have a tree of sharing. There is a Tree in the mall with tags on it. It has the persons age and what they need or would like on it. You buy the item. Wrap it and take it back and put it under the tree. Every year we go grab five tags. Its fun and people get something on their wish list that probably wouldn't normally even get a gift! Womens shelters always need some items too...

  4. Hey, I turned 29 in 2000 too, and there was also a huge, major, life-impacting change for me too that year!

    That is a beautiful thing you're doing, and it just so happens I have a very worthy cause. In fact, I was planning to blog about it today. I don't personally know this girl, but we went to the same arts high school (she was born the year I graduated). She was in a devastating accident in October - sideswiped on her bike by a semi that jumped the curb. She's now blind (not good at all for an artist), and has a very long and expensive recovery process ahead of her. Read her story here: And if anyone would like, there's an etsy shop in her honor that's taking any and all donations. I've so far given a necklace and a pair of earrings. I intend to make something especially for the cause. And I donated what meager amount of cash I could.

    Also, I got my beads I ordered from your Rockstar sale and they are be-YOU-tee-ful!!!!!

  5. You have a heart of gold, my dear. What you give out to the world comes back to you tenfold.

    I don't know of anyone who needs this personally, but I am sure that there are plenty of local charities where you are that would love that gift.

    You are lightness and love, dear one.

    Enjoy the day!

  6. You just brought tears to my eyes. You are so wonderful. You are the second person in two days that I know have sent cash to people that need it. Well I do know someone who can use a bit of extra. So if you happen to pull my name I will give you all the info.
    You are so generous to do this.
    Bless you Juls
    Oh you already are blessed.

  7. what a beautiful thing to do, I hope you find someone that really needs a blessing in their lives...I know there are a lot of people in need with the way the economy is.......I would have been one of them myself, as I have been unemployed for over 2 years now, but my dad saw to my needs when he passed away this past summer, it was an awful way to be taken care of, but I'm finding out its a part of life we are born and we die, its just the way life works........any way I'm sure you will find the right person!!!

  8. I was sent here by Nicole at Beadwright. What a thoughtful and generous thing to do for somebody. Fortunately, I'm not in need - but I'm sure you will make somebody's Christmas more hopeful and happy!

    Merry Christmas blessings to you!

  9. What a beautiful thing to do, especially at this time of the year.


    I'm so happy that Nicole sent me to this world with all that is happening, it's nice to see someone who cares and is trying to make a difference in another person's life.

  10. wow. You are pretty amazing Juls, I'm blown away by your kindness - what a big heart you have. Amidst all the commercialism and panic of the preparation for Christmas, it's wonderful to see this lovely thing that you are doing here.

  11. Juls, you really ARE a rock star! Much beadlove to you!

  12. I don't want to post my whole story, but in a nutshell: 2 yrs. ago DH got sick, 1.5 yrs. ago DH had to quit his job. We moved to where his dad is and our marriage has slowly gone downhill due to the stress of him being sick and "giving up", money, and living next door to my in-laws. I left him almost a week ago. I work, but my job only pays minimum wage. I applied for the angel tree, but since DH didn't get the phone call about them needing info they said we were denied. (We got a call after saying that a family "adopted" my daughter, but then I got a letter saying we were denied. So Im not sure which it is.)
    I am hoping I will have a little money left from my next paycheck to buy a little something, but our account is in the hole because the car insurance went through last monday and I didn't have the money to cover it, so now I have to pay fees :o(
    So that is some of my story.
    I think you are an angel to do what your doing for someone. It's touching to know there are still people out there like you.

  13. Juls, you truly are an angel.

    Not posting to be added to the draw.....just wanted you to know that I think you are an amazing person.

    Merry Christmas friend! =]

  14. Just wanted to say that you are so kind to offer this gift.
    Such a special person, always thinking of others.
    Your posts on LE are so kind and supportive.

  15. I don't know if I'm too late, but as a public school resource teacher I always have a student or two each year that comes from a home that doesn't and/or can't give their children what other parents do. I have one in particular who we are working with closely that would probably LOVE to have a $50 PayPal gift certificate.... I could help him pick something out....

    Thanks for being so kind :O) The world could use lots more people just like you!


  16. Hey I do know of someone if you oick me and once again you are FABULISHOUS beyond words! Even when putting up with a friend like me!

  17. Juls, you are the most thoughtful, special person ever. I don't know anyone who needs this, but you are wonderful to give this gift. I am with Katie about shelter animals needing something extra during the holiday season.
    Have a great holiday season! You are the greatest!

  18. That's really lovely what you're doing.

    I would go with what Heidi said -- I learned about Emelie from her, running an auction now. Or the animal shelter (that's a lot of kitty litter or cat food that could be bought).

    You're very special, you know that?