December 15, 2010

And then he ate them.

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This morning I went outside
(where Alabama must be on drugs
 because dah yum it's freezing cold
in December which means I am rockin' 
socks with sandals
because why would I own closed toed
shoes when I live in a place where I am lucky
to get 6 days of winter in an average year
and they don't usually happen until Februrary?)
to take a quick photo
of some beads.

Baby Daddy must have heard me breathing
because he came tearing across the yard
purring all over himself.

He was less than thrilled when my attention
was not immediately focused
on some heavy petting,

so he blocked my view
with his giant head
effectively ending
the photo shoot.


  1. That Baby Daddy knows how to make you love him. How could you not? I am quite alergic to catzes but I think that I could love this one! Enjoy the day!

  2. Nice beads before the blocking of Baby Daddy's head. I feel your pain because our furry friends do the same thing when I am trying to take pics. It is a sixth sense they have of when we have to work, they must be petted!
    Have a great day!

  3. lovely beads..from what i can see around that giant cat head..
    funny guy.
    oh and the cold ,what's up with that?
    i can't find my socks...2 pairs..
    it has occured to me the best solution is fleece lined clogs..
    i really don't care if they meet fashion standards..

  4. Girl.... shiver your little butt up here to WI and you'll know REAL cold right now! LOL At least your hands stay warm & steady enough to melt such gorgeousness!!! Beautiful beads! I totally am drooling over the pastel cross with the matching beads. Stunning!


  5. Hey, it's been really cold here in NOLA too - it's crazy down south, but we haven't gotten any snow yet here. Highs in the 60s today though :)

    LOVING the top second to left purpley/pimpley looking beads. And the purpley raku ones lower left. And the ribbed ones in the center which are the very definition of my favorite color as a child: "skybluepink."

    Aaaaand, thanks to your reminder, I remembered to go to your etsy and finally order some things! I had to wait until payday (today!) <3

  6. i sure "lerve" baby daddy! And he Lerves you!!!!

  7. Beautiful Beads as usual Juls!! Your cat and mine must be kindred souls. She loves to sit in the pictures I take too- being the nasty mom I am I delete those. I never would have thought to use them anyways!! super entertaining!! She also is a thief and has taken and hidden the focal bead to the necklace I am making for my mom. I have looked everywhere and can' find it!! She is very naughty!!

  8. I feel your pain here in central Mississippi too! I tell everybody I was born a southern belle for a REASON!!!

    Love the variety of beads and the friendly kitty helping with the photo shoot! I have the same problem except it comes in the form of a toy poodle. The table where I photograph backs up to a love seat which gives Angel access!

  9. The beads are gaw jus. So is Baby Daddy's head! At least you got the shot before he ate them.

  10. doing some serious droolong here those beads are beautiful! love babydaddy too.......its funny how cats seen to think the world revolves around them, I know all of mine do except for my youngest one, I think she is still too grateful for being rescued by my hubby, so she is a bit more behaved than the other two

  11. When I take my pics, I have to make sure the puppy is no where near....she want's to get in on the action.
    Bead happy!

  12. guess my drooling paid off!!! I didn't realize those were all my beads!!!!and they are even more yummy in person! I highly recomend buying Juls skilz om the torch for a day, I've done it twice and have been so totally happy with every bead she made for me!!! thanks Juls

  13. I love your little purr box kitty beady pics!!! Merry Christmas, sweet Alabama girl!!