December 8, 2010

I was going to say it NEVER happens...but the happening of it twice in one year would make me a liyah.

Remember this past February when it Ess In Oh Dubya'd and everyone here in Southern Alabama celebrated like it was Christmas and a birthday at the same time and there was possibly naked snow angels involved?

Remember how I said recently that I wanted either spring or snow ?

This was my backyard just a few days ago~

This was my backyard when I got home today~

Thanks, God. 
You are a super nice fella.


  1. Hey maybe I sent some to you! I know how much you like it and when I got my GAWGUS beads I was wishing I could repay your awesomeness so maybe someone heard me! True story ya know!

    Squnches in Bunches!

  2. Do you have any idea how long it took me to figure out the title of your post, and the linked one???? Good Lord I am slow! Your pic is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! We looked at the weather radar maps yesterday around 1:45 PM because my students came to class very excited saying that it was snowing in Albany, GA. We didn't get any of the white flakes, but I did notice that your area was under the right color radar blob for snow. Wow!

  4. If I could I would send you all the snow that we get! I am living in the wrong part of the country - California here I come. I am glad you are enjoying the snow and it does look pretty when it comes down, but I am a warm weather kinda gal - San Diego weather :) Thanks for sharing the pics of your backyard - gorgeous!

  5. I'm giggling with all the other wonderful readers you have because like them, I'd willingly send you some too...however Snow+Cardboard Box= Squishy Mess on your kitchen counter... sorry.

    We're getting some more today then the temps are supposed to drop in an effort to make us pretend we live in Antartica!!! Why dear Lord do you need to be so extreme? :)

    Enjoy God's Dandruff!

  6. I could not figure out ess in oh dubya? then it hit me... think it will snow in FL?