December 10, 2010

If you notice any piles of stuff that look random and out of place, I dare you to say that to my face while organizing it, Monica.

This week I celebrated 4 years of being a homeowner~ my very own space where I can do whatever I want!

Apparently doing whatever I want involves no longer doing some things but with the added benefit of being incapable of ridding myself of the clutter those things cause.  

The difference between the clean and orderly state of my home and the disarray that both studios continually find themselves in is the reason there are so many voices in my head.  Or Vice Versa.

I think somewhere back in 2003 I saw something awesome made of wire and decided Wire Is For Me.  The dust on these containers is proof positive I've long since changed my mind without actually having investigated the idea.

When I built the shiny shack I had this great idea for some abstract 3d art pieces, so I picked up a ton of paint samples and some wood and promptly shoved it all in drawers right next to my acrylic and oil paints.  You'll note the table top easel leaning on the side~ and a giant pile of leather that I weaned from my stash 3 MONTHS AGO.

Here is a cabinet housing a small portion of my glass fusing supply.  See how the box on the bottom is labeled "studio"~ so that when I moved 4 years ago I would know which room to put it in?  Yeah.
The bulk of my fusing materials is in large rubbermaid containers in the closet that also houses my shipping area which I am too embarrassed to show you

Some friends and I took a couple of hand building classes at AMACO in Indy in '05 and I discovered another avenue for making art jewelry components so naturally I immediately invested $1K in supplies  which is now shoved in the back corner of a walk in where they have been since I moved in.   Did I mention that was 4 years ago?

Joann's went out of business in '06 in Avon, Indiana so I went with my BF so she could stock up on fabric.  I ended up bringing home a pretty big stash of my own because it was on Mega Super Almost Free Sale. 

I don't sew.

I keep telling myself it doesn't count as Hoarding if it is something I will maybe potentially possibly imagine using at some point, but that argument grows weak in light of the fact there is more dust on some of this stuff than in all of the Sahara.

I know I'm keeping the glass, and I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the clay because a) I'm keeping it and b) I'm keeping it.   

The rest hasta go.  I don't even care about recouping any costs, because frankly I'm more concerned about chasing down some sanity.

You will now please spill the beads on something you are (un)intentionally hoarding, because you want to share.  Because you are awesome sauce.  Or because I'm begging for some company in Hoardland.


  1. Oh yeah Baby I am also hoarding! I was into quilting for a while (until a beady bug bite and infected me) and I have large totes filled with fat quarters, kits, and well fabric I will never actually do anything with (and please please please don't tell my hubby!) I am also a pattern hoarder seriously patterns for cross-stitch, paper twist, knitting, quilting, paper mache, ornaments, stenciling, drawing, kids crafts, boon name it I probably have a pattern for it! I will be right there with you while we swim in a sea of "Why did I want that?"

    There do you feel any better?


  2. LOL that could be my studio,
    if you needed anything one could just go shopping in my studio..i'm sure i have at least one of EVERYTHING,if not then it certainly feels that way.
    i am keeping oil paint sticks(different from oil pastels) in the refrigerator..was sure i would do something grand with them.. maybe will still ;-)

  3. Yup, I hear you. I don't know if it counts as hoarding, but I have a junk room. I open the door, throw something in it, and then shut it as fast a possible. One of the things I miss about being in the military is moving every three to four years and purging my stuff. I have been in my house for six years and I have stuff coming out the wazoo. I do have to say mom is a bit better but she is still holding onto her stained glass. I also call her the "Yarn Whore". She collects yarn like it is going out of style, though she does use it to knit. Good luck with your stash :)

  4. Knitting, scrapbooking, stamping, fabric, cross stiching....I can go on and on about all the leftovers from previous obsessions. In fact my husband often wonders and my "sticking with" beading. Thanks, I guess. I bet there is a school or church craft circle nearby you that would love to get some of your treasures :-)

  5. Did you sneak into my house and take photos while I was at work last night? Some of that stuff looks awfully familiar!

    Watch for the upcoming 2 hour special episode of Hoarders on A&E. You just might see someone on there you recognize!

  6. Oh Juls! we all do it. It starts with a five dollar sack of thread, moves to wire, then to beads, quilting supplies, MAGAZINES (my worse habbit). If only we could recoup the cash? I would not have to work again. But then Joanns, hobby lobby, quilt stores, ect would have to go out of business.

    I like *helping* others stay in business. :o)

  7. I have an entire tub - TUB - of ribbon. Fancy wire edged stuff in every color and size imaginable. I only wrap gifts in real ribbon but in the past 3 years I have given so few gifts. Yet I cannot help but buy more ribbon! I even had an intervention with my organizer lady. I gave most away. But it is creeping back in! And don't get me started on the gift bags. I really hate them and have two tubs full of them from as far back as 12 years ago when child #1 is born. These things gotta go!
    Thanks for letting me visit in Hoardland. It is always nice to see what others hoard. I am sure there is treasure there!
    Enjoy the day!

  8. Hey Juls--don't all us "collectors" feel better knowing we are not alone! I could start my own mini craft store with fabric, yarn, stamping stuff, sewing machines, sergers, watercolors, oils, beads, wire, stained glass, flower arranging, Donna Dewberry, fabric and craft paints, stencils, paper punches and scissors, etc., etc., etc. (Name that movie!) And, don't forget the books and magazines one must have for all those hobbies--and then there are cookbooks and what one needs in the kitchen for when the mood hits to play gourmet cook. When I decide what I want to do perhaps I'll have a giant yard sale. But that just opens a whole other can of worms so we won't go there. There's a lot of us in the "boat"--hope it's a sturdy one! :-) Hugs! CJ

  9. I've been in my house for almost four years now and I swear, each room in my house has a different hoarding "theme." I, ahem, "collect," office supplies, pet supplies, cleaning supplies (HAH! like they ever get used!), health and beauty supplies (really - my son is six, and I still have nail polish from BEFORE he was born b/c I cannot part with it. I also think I have about 2600 bars of little "hotel soap" from years and years and years..."just in case" - of what, I have NO idea). And of course, there's all of that beading paraphernalia! I think I also need to get rid of those textbooks from college and grad school (um, yeah, it's been over 15 yrs since I graduated from Grad School...but, I MIGHT just need to refer to something - which is by now SO outdated it doesn't even count!). And to top it all off - in my attic, there is a bag of "stuff" that includes all of the "notes" I got from friends in jr. high (when you'd fold them all fancy like and pass them to your peeps in the halls between classes). Yeah, I've got problems...scoot over, sistah, make room in the hoarding boat.

  10. Well, since I'm the "Queen of Stuff" and owner and operator of the "Samma Store"...I'm at a loss for words....or NOT ;-DDD

  11. Oh, I can join your ranks! Started with quilting - have everything that goes with that, sewing machine and all. (three quilts) And since I have that sewing machine, I thought that I could sew and make things - handbags, shirts, skirts. And, my daughter joined that. Have I made anything - no. But then when in the thrift store I see gorgeous sweathers - now I can take them apart and make things! (have to get another giant rubbermaid box to put into) oh, did I mention that I knit! :) This is all before I discovered beads. Started with stringing, moved into wire, moved into some metal work (most recent), some metal stamping tools. Oh, did I mention that I have some scrapbooking stuff too!

    Yet, it is all sooooooo goooood!

  12. I'm a hoarder too! I have gobs of "I can make something with that" - a laundry basket of clothes that are no longer wearable for one reason or another, but the fabric is still good,the piles of scrapbook paper that I just can't help but buy more of when there is a great sale; the closet of fabric can be seen here I really could go on, but I won't for the sake of your readers. I wish I had a dime for every "new project" I was going to try, bought supplies for and never used. Happy Hording!

  13. I am Queen Hoarder Extraordiraire!! I have also been known to buy bargainous bits of fabric because they are pretty and I think that perhaps, someday I will have some use for them (and I really do kid myself into believing this!!) because I'm a generally crafty person....My bead collection is two wide bookcases. Full length. And although this sounds like I am organised and the beads stay there, they don't of course. They are all over my sofa, coffee table, bedroom.....I'm pretty fun to live with!! When you see something, especially something on sale, you have to buy it then and there, right? YOu never know if you will ever see it again. Right?!

  14. What DON'T I hoard~er 'collect'?small metal things & bits, game pieces,papers,photos, & 'stuff' for collage/assemblage, old books (so I can alter them, but then I can't bear to...)art supplies,jewelry supplies(incliding YOUR beads)yarns,paints....well you get the idea.The only thing that isn't out of control is my fabric stash because I did clean it out last fall( & now I regret letting go of all the patterns because I never thought of using them as paper~gahhh) I read these posts of people cleaning/destashing their studios & I just marvel! So rest assured, you are not alone in this :)

  15. After reading the other comments, I suggest an organized "Hoarder" swap! Instead of necklaces that never sold we'll exchange hoarded items we never use with someone who can use them - like quilting fabric will go to someone who still makes quilts, seeee, simple!! Any volunteer quilters out there, contact me. I'll have plenty for the swap anyway. And 2 sewing machines, newest Viking that machine-quilts was used twice. Such a relief to know we are united in making jewelry and subsequently, also in hoarding! We needn't hide it any longer. I also hoard turquoise, the good pieces that will never be available in the universe again, ever. #1 rule in de-hoarding: you will never get your $$ back, it's all about gaining space, Do IT!
    I finally posted something new on my blog!

  16. Hi Juli! Not sure if you remember me but I used to follow you on the Art of Beads and bought some lampwork. I really miss that group, but I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm your newest follower :o)

    Hope all is well with you!