November 1, 2010

*Which is actually super liberating and only mildly embarrassing.

My 2nd cousin Randy is my UPS delivery guy  (Hush.  I bet that happens other places besides Alabama) and today he brought me a box of happy so big that I immediately broke into a beautiful rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings".   (Which is kind of a weird thing to happen between cousins and probably doesn't happen outside of Alabama.  In fact, just forget I mentioned it.)

Gorgeous New Glass!

You know I was stirrin' me some air soup
right up until I remembered
that stupid bandaged finger
and fell to the floor
in a writhing gelatinous pile of


  1. Oh poor sweet Mcbabypants! To have to just sit there and mix air goodness has to be a poopoo-onyouday!
    I know it is mostly poopoo-onus cuz no goodies for a couple of days!


  2. Sweet Delivery!!! I'm waiting on my UPS guy too.

  3. I hope your boo boo heals quickly...

  4. I have ivory envy! I am down to my last pound - mixed Moretti and ventrovond.

  5. Oh dear! I somehow missed that blood and gore post. Unhappy faces all around. I do love it when the UPS truck pulls up to my house. It puts a whole new meaning on things to know that is how it works in Alabama. ;-P


    Enjoy the day!

  6. It's too bad bead artists can't get those "magic injections" that football players get so they can play anyway. I was on vacay all last week so don't know what you managed to do to yourself, but I hope it heals quickly!

  7. Don't be too embarrassed - my ex-husband has a sister and a step sister with the same name, I have a student with a stepbrother with the same name [yes, I'm Daryl and this is my brother Daryl], and my cousin just married a woman with the same name as her sister - so now we have two, well let's just say, Jane Smiths in the family.

    As for UPS, my driver is new and keeps delivering all my packages to the neighbors house because here in Georgia we have two houses with the same address! Technically the neighbors in the woods behind my house have an A after their address #'s, but our UPS guy only reads numbers.

  8. Wow, and I was thrilled with my little 1/2 lb glass bundle I got the other day so I can only imagine the celebration that happened at your house.