October 31, 2010

Real blood and gore on Oct 31st ~ 'cause I'm livin' large, baby.

Happy Halloween, y'all!  Are you dressed up?  Down?  Twirl it all around?  I am!  I could best describe my accidental costume as a flannel PJ pants (it's 80+ outside, naturally), paper thin long sleeve shirt (11 years old and complete with moth holes, naturally) wearin', ratty haired ain't even brushed my teeth self employed bleeding artist.


You know how they say you can't smell your own breath?  They lie.

As for the bleeding part, if you are easily grossed out like I am you should stop reading this post after the first 2 pictures.  'Cause it's about to get really grody up in here.  In fact maybe you should just stop reading right now. 

For those of you still here,  first something pretty:

New Focals listed on Etsy today!


Yesterday evening I stabbed myself with a sharp rod shard
on the pointer Finger of my right hand,
and it's just over half an inch long and to the bone.

I was told by a nurse friend when I shoved this
all up in his face that it should have
a couple of stitches in it, but since I didn't go immediately
to have that done and it's now been overnight the best thing
for me to do is keep it clean, dry, and bandaged. 
He might have mentioned something about Tetanus,
but my ear holes typically slam shut
when anyone even threatens to say the word

I took this photo while changing the dressing,
which involves holding it under water
to keep the constant flow of blood at bay
long enough to rinse it, dry it, and slap some
medicated gauzy goodness on
before retaping it with another butterfly bandage.



It doesn't hurt nearly as much as it looks like it should,
but I think it's safe to say there won't be any torchin'
goin' on for a few days, and that's a whole new kind of

But look!
Something pretty!



  1. OUCH that looks terrible..and yes a shot might be in order..would hate for your jaws to lock up..
    those quicky clinics can do it and maybe they will give you some candy.
    good thing you got some gorgeous beads done before this gore.

  2. Beautiful focals... take care of the finger, need to get your shot Juls, you only get it once in 10 years... you might get a lollypop!

  3. Oh my... you know though Juls, a mojito or 6 and you won't even know you've been stabbed! I'm all here to help! :o)

    I'm also typing with my tounge, so I can't access my credit card to purchase your entire new listing section in your store... seriously, they are all Bea-U-tiful! Amazing girl, you'z got major skillz!!!

    Give that finger some love!

  4. Ouch...ouch.. and ouch again! OUCHY! That looks sore. I agree me thinks you need a shot of super duper stuff that will keep all those nasty things away that might stop you from making gorgeous beadies!

    Beautiful beads... what a clever chicky you are... even with a ouchy finger you are still super creative!


  5. OMG! You should claim workers' comp! LOL (Wait, that doesn't work for self employed bleeding artists, does it?). But, on the plus side - those are some kick ass beads! Booooo-tiful! (happy halloween!) Hope your torch firin' finger heals up real fast!!

  6. Holy Crap! That hurts just to look at it!
    The new beads are so totally awesome, the colors are TDF.

    I agree you should probably think about the shot, a quick shot would be better than the possible alternative.
    Take care;~)

  7. The focal's are gorgeous! I am so glad I saw those first before I saw your poor finger! My stomach did a flip flop for you. OUCH! Yes, you need that shot! It is a tiny pin prick and then it will be all over :) Like Regina said, "You might get a lollipop!".
    Take care of that finger girl!

  8. OHHHH your finger may not hurt now... just give it a day and every time you hit it on something it will hurt like "HECK" LOL so sorry for the damaged finger. However!!!! you are my monthly comment contest winner. Hurrraayyy. If you send me your mailing address I will send you a prize.
    Thanks for supporting my blog with your comments.
    Thanks and healing hugs

  9. Ouch! Sorry to see/hear this. But, your focals are wonderful.

  10. Sending kisses for that boo boo! I am a huge baby so when I say you need a ____ I am flinching and cringing! But......to lose the goodness of your blessed torchy fingers would be so much worse!
    Oh and the beads.......happydancingringaroundtherosiebootyslapping goodness!

    Squnches in bunches

  11. I sure hope you got some stitches in that finger.
    You know, I read my blogs while I eat my lunch at work. I tried to heed your warning, but had to look. Thank goodness it didn't look like a chicken finger!! (glad I opted for the honey mustard sauce, and not the BBQ sauce) Mmmmmmmm good!
    Seriously, hope you heal fast!
    The beads are fabulous.