October 25, 2010

Which is way better than not good at all.

Way back in 2002 I fell in love with a glass named Raku.  He was awesome, y'all. Colorful and fun, earthy and elegant, flirty and yet somewhat serious.   I didn't even mind that he was reactive, because sometimes a little tiny bit of drama can keep things fresh and exciting.  The only real problem was that he was also extremely moody which soon became expensive, so sadly the relationship had to end.

I ran into him last week when he fell off a shelf in the shiny shack. As I picked him up he glanced around wistfully and asked how my torch was doing.  I broke the news gently that I'd had to put the Hothead down and explained how I'd moved on to bigger and hotter pastures.  He sniffled a little before tentatively asking if we could spend the day together, ya know, just for old times' sake.

Against my better judgment, I acquiesced.   After all, I had already survived the worst of him so maybe he could be on his best behavior for a little while.  And maybe if we spent some time getting to know each other again things would be different.

Winning the lottery
while sitting on the beach
in Costa Rica
right behind the house you own
and eating strawberries
with a spoon made of chocolate?

Pulling these out of the kiln
was better than that.
Or almost as good.
Not anywhere near that good.
But still
pretty dang good.


  1. Oh my. Be still my heart for a hunk named Raku. That sounds like the most awesome romance, one that you can have on the side.

    You complete me, Juls. Really, you do.

    Thanks for making my Monday a tad brighter.

    (And I am wearing my new necklace today!!!!!!!)

    Enjoy the day!

  2. You and Raku got a thing goin' on!

  3. Hey you. You lovely, wonderful, amazing womanartistincrediblyamusinglady you. My exquisite necklace came in the mail this morning. I had been having a *Day* and it was the most uplifting, wonderful surprise to open in - I put it on while I was in the post office parking lot (yes, I ripped it open RIGHT THERE) and won't take it off. For anything. I love it. Can you tell?! Thank you so much.

    And I adore what you and Raku made together...!!

  4. Oh I so hope this truly lusty love affair's fire never ceases! You make the mostest Gawgus couple eva!!!!!


  5. these are most beautimous~ sometimes you just have to go w/ the bad boys, aye?

  6. i've never understood what Raku glass actually was..
    raku ceramic sure..
    but one thing is obvious..raku glass is gorgeousness multiplied.

  7. Look, I hate to encourage any kind of a dysfunctional relationship - but even SOME good stuff can come out of a whacked out union. So, I would encourage you to have regular "affairs" with Raku, because y'all produce some beautiful babies!! LOL

  8. girl! what is going on with you? I leave town for a week of fun in Texas, come back home, pop over to your blog to see what you have been up to and WHAM....my eye balls get burned out :o0

    New blog layout, new jewelry designs.....working it hard.

    We got us come awesome colors going on in OKlahoma. Come visit us and you will get your color fix for sure.

    How sweet Chelsea doin?

  9. These are so hot!! I love them.

  10. You know, I do believe I have some of your raku beads from 2002 left over from a necklace I made with a set. I'm going to have to go dig them up and make something beautiful now!