October 24, 2010

*I don't think he likes his name very much, but that's what he gets for being cuter than a baby piranha.

There is only one day left to bid on
Happy Shiny Love~ Art for Andrew Thornton.
They are beautiful beads for a beautiful soul, 
and you should go have a look.


A couple of weeks ago I noticed a photo on my blogroll of some gorgeous fall leaves.  I'm a sucker for turning leaves, and since south Alabama is sorely lacking in that department I'll take all the leaf porn I can lay my eyes on.

I clicked right over to The Wigglebutt Blog for a closer look at these,

and immediately fell in bead lust.
Yes. BEAD.  As in made of clay.
If I were the type to swear
this is where I would say
holy shit.

A few days later these came in the mail,

and now I want to have their little leafy babies.

Y'all.  They are perfectly detailed~ the veining and coloring and finishing and shapes.  I was surprised at how thin they are and thought maybe that would make them super fragile, so I (shudder) tried to bend one to see if it would snap.  Instead of breaking it blew with the wind (Yes. I am made of cheese) and simply allowed me to bend it.   They are completely malleable and perfect and you're gonna wanna get you some!

Just don't come 'round here trying to snag mine, or Sir Frederick McSnugglebutt* Owner of All Things Bead will Stare.You. Down.  Or ignore you.  Depends on what color shirt you're wearing.

He was also created by Pat, and you'll want
to enlarge that photo and check out the
fantastic detail.
The girl's got 'em.


  1. Oh, those leaves are scrumptious! Me like! I would be tempted to try and get around Sir Frederic McSnugglebutt to swipe yours :) Just kidding! I love the detail in him and I had to go over and see the other dragons (I love dragons!). I might need to get myself an early Christmas gift for myself!
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. I feel like I'm having deja vu! Seriously, I've been contemplating figuring out how to do bead embroidery so I can whip me up an autumn leaf necklace... here's where this crazy idea came from.

    A cake - yes a birthday cake decorated with beautiful plastic fall leaves. Being odd shaped and not beads, I thought I could capture them in beaded bezels and create my own little art piece.

    They're all licked- err, um, washed off with no traces of frosting left and I'm saving them for just the perfect piece (and when my skillz get learned) ;)

    I'm going to FB & Tweet your Andrew auction again as those beads are delicious looking!

    Loveness! :)

  3. gorgeousness..love fall leaves..
    not enough around here either.

  4. Wow, those are great leaves- I am off to go peruse them. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. OMG and Holy S*&^! Them there leaves came straight off the trees here in NY! I need to Christmas list those right now but with the response they'll be so gone with the wind!


  6. Ohhh they are rather special leaves aren't they. Gorgeous. What are you going to do with them?