October 26, 2010

So I call him Will even though he's not gay, and it makes women wonder if he's gay which serves him right for making fun of me.

It's looking like thunderstorms for much of the remainder of this week and since hanging around lightning in a metal building on a metal torch surrounded by metal is surprisingly not on my Bucket List, I'm trying to get as much torch time in as I can before the bottom falls out.

Which means I'm not particularly chatty today.  Ok, that's kind of a lie.  I'm super chatty.  It's just that I'm on a short torch break shoving a giant peach cobbler muffin into my face while I list a few new treasures on Etsy...and if you ever saw me try to walk and chew gum at the same time you'd realize this much multi-tasking is beyond my skill set.    Seriously.  My best friend calls me Grace.


  1. I love your title, Juls, and thank you for the necklace. It was here when I got home! I love it!

  2. Love the beads! All pretty and swirly and delicious looking!

  3. "Waterworld" is wonderful, call it whatever you want! Notice the string of "w"'s? Gotta keep with the theme! So glad you're avoiding the metal, and where DiD you get a peach cobbler muffin?? Glad you enjoyed it! Keep Creating!

  4. I think Water world is adorable! It's got a cute little belly button... or maybe that's just my interpretation. Either way, beautiful piece of artwork!

    Not open to interpretation is how glad I am you're hunkering down away from metal-ish things... Cuz that means more art jewelry - YEAH! And of course, more peach cobbler muffins... did you make or buy and how can I score some of those???


  5. OH OH OH Shelby is so getting the B-Day wish list ASAP!!!!!!!