October 19, 2010

Happy Shiny Love ~ Art for Andrew Thornton

I know I've been busy for the last couple of weeks, but I didn't realize I was also living under a rock.  Which must have been the case because I am only just learning about THIS.

I don't know Andrew but I do enjoy his blog.  I like the versatility with which he writes~ sharing his artwork and tidbits about his life...he comes through as an interesting, talented and compassionate man, and if his food tastes even half as good as it looks I want to kidnap him and lock him in my kitchen.  I'm only kidding.  My floor plan is open so that wouldn't really work.  I'd actually just chain him to the stove.

Huh.  I sort of sound like a Backwards Redneck Medievalist.  I'm not though.  I mean he would be allowed to wear shoes.  He'd even have access to a custom leather barstool in which to rest between preparing scrumptious meals.  What?   It isn't like I expect him to get pregnant.   

Dang, y'all. 

I truly admire the grace with which Andrew is handling this very difficult experience.  His positive attitude and courage are reminders of the magic of faith, and if we could bottle his up he would no longer need to worry about medical bills.  But we can't and he does.  I don't know many (if any) fellow self employed artists who can afford medical insurance, especially when our livelihoods depend solely on the discretionary income of others in an economy that is basically kicking everyone in the shin.   

I'd like to help Andrew.  There are genius people hosting auctions on their blogs to raise money, and if it's okay with you guys I am going to copycat that.

Remember these beads?

There are 25 silver glass bumpy beads in the collection.  Surprisingly the strand is lightweight enough that you could simply restring and add a clasp for an amazingly gorgeous necklace~ or you could break them up for many different creations.  There are 3 large tapered bicone focals and a variety of accents.  The photos really do no justice to the color shift.  Imagine fuschia to gold to turquoise like on that front focal.  And for you seed beaders, the peacock lusters you can also somewhat see in the photo are a perfect match for ANY of the peacock finishes you have tucked away in your stash.

If you'd like to have them, please leave a comment including the amount of your bid.
100% of the proceeds will go to Andrew.
Bidding will close on Monday, October 25th at noon.

Y'all are awesome sauce.  Did I mention that before?  
Because you are.  Awesome Sauce.



  1. Hiya Juls...I'll start that opening bid of $50.
    Michelle :-)

  2. Ooh. Pretty. Shiny. Good cause.

    I will see your bid, Michelle. And I raise it to $75.

    Top that (please. It's for a good cause!)

    Enjoy the day!

  3. I have been coveting those beads! I'll raise it to $100.00.....

  4. Lovely lovely idea - and for a wonderful cause. Stick me up there for $135.00.

  5. Juls, I think your heart is 8 feet tall! Girl you are such a sweetie! Bless your heart for putting this beauties out there on Andrew's behalf. I know how special the beads in this collection are to you.

    Whomever is the high bidder, I guarantee you'll weep with joy when you receive them. Because you've helped a talented artist Andrew and bacause Juls poured so much love into the torch when she designed these!

    Big hugs to everybody!

  6. Hey, thanks for the follow, I'm following you back!
    If I weren't a broke teenager I'd love to bid for the beads, but alas, I cannot. Sorry!

  7. as beautiful as these beads are in the photos they have to be even more beautiful in person, I know, I just recieved a "days worth" of beads from Juls torch today in the mail this morning.....so bid with confidence that you will love what you recieve if you win this auction!

  8. It's me again....ok...I'm going to go for it. I'll bid $140.00. Cuz they are just so darn gorgeous and it's for a great soul.
    Thanks Juls!

  9. I was trying holding off, but I have to jump in! I will bid $150 for your beautiful beads. I too, got a day's worth beads recently, and they are AWE-SOME!! I need more!!
    This is a wonderful sweet thing you are doing for Andrew.

  10. If you see anything on the news about someone killing their wife for buying too many beads...But this is such a great cause that I have to jump in and say that I'll offer up $155...I haven't had the opportunity to meat Andrew either, but, like you, love his blog and am willing to do what I can to help.

  11. Katie, I need your email and mailing addresses. :D

    julicannon@ hotmail. com

    Thanks everyone for your generous hearts and bids!


  12. hi,
    just found your blog and link to Andresw... to late for me to bid on beads, however i would like to donate to Andrews cause with a "match" on the final bid. If you can let me know and send thru' a paypal payment request, I will send thru' right away.
    my personal motto is: "One person can make a difference..."
    if you want to know 'who i am' go to:
    or my blog at;

  13. A BIG thank you! I really appreciate everything. I got such a giggle out of this post and really appreciate the reprieve from all the doom and gloom. Thanks again for being awesome.

    You all rock my universe!