October 7, 2010

Again with The Cute.

So many have asked about Chels that I decided to go ahead and share some photos.  She is back to her awesome usual self, the second in command around here just behind the Kitteh.

Bear in mind she still isn't quite healed enough for a trip to the doggie salon, and she wants me to be sure you all know that she usually HAZ MOR GORGIS.

The evening after surgery~

Ever wonder what a dog thinks about
while she is stoned?
Me either.

Such a poor baby wif her bandages.
I cropped out the back ones.
You're welcome.

Just for the record
that is MY side of the bed she's laying on.
Which means she moved from her side of the bed
where I put her.
Which means those are my pillows.
The ones I put my head on.

The instructions from Doc Roberts
included no going up and down the stairs
for at least a week.
This is day 3, at the bottom of the stairs
the SECOND time she ran down them.
You might ask why I would have a camera
while chasing her
and the answer is because
this is the exact same face
I was greeted with the first time.

Do you get the feeling she's thinking
while giving me the doggie version
of the finger?
Yeah, me too.

I won't mention that she totally looks
like a llama in this photo
or that the bald spot
makes it look like she is wearing
only one leg warmer.

She's an extra helping of precious
with a side of awesome sauce.



  1. She is so cute! I am so glad she is much better Juls! Yes, I have wondered what our animals think while stoned! After my cats surgeries they were so pathetic and so needy I felt so bad for them, until they did things they weren't suppose to! My one cat was on pain pills but they just made her hyper and run around when she wasn't suppose to, needless to say she was taken off the pills. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your baby! She is a darling!

  2. I still wonder what I was thinking stoned after surgery but I would like to know what our furry friends think. Come to think of it that would be a little scary....nevermind. She is the picture of GAWGUS and I swear I wasn't talking to her making kissy faces.


  3. She's a hunny hunny hunny and I WUV her and I am thrilled that she is better and back to giving the doggy finger to all!!! Thank you SO much for sharing the photos, I now have a huge humongous grin on my face!!!! (Make sure she gets an extra pat from me!) xx

  4. Bark, bow-wow, bark, arf. Arf! Yip!
    (that's Chels-speak for 'Glad to see you hopping around again!' Do share that with her ;-)
    You make me want a furry friend of my own. But my world just can't handle that right now. So I will live the cute through you.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Love it Juls... so wonderful that Chels is on the mend. Seriously... I think doggie surgery is harder on us doggie mamas than it is on the actual patient. Hmmm, I think that's why they invented Baileys! :)

    Big hugs to you & puppy kisses to Chels!

  6. What a cute, adorable doggy! I'm glad hers is feeling better!

  7. Juls - she is too stinking cute! I love it!

  8. So glad she is getting back to normal. There is nothing like a happy dog to cheer you up is there!! Love my doggie too. I just got home last night after a really long trip by air and car. So glad to be home with my babies too! PS You can send my beads now- I am more than ready!!!!! Can't wait to see them.

  9. Chelsea's a doll and so photogenic. Looks like she's a bit of a ham too and one can tell she just HATES being the center of attention. LOL

  10. Glad o see that Chelsea is well on her way to recovery. You do have a way with words. Take care both of you.