October 6, 2010

Chelsea told me to.

Seriously.  She actually spoke the words, "Give away a gift certificate on your blog, Crazy".

Of course I was asleep when it happened and dreaming that she had gotten a job at the Lancome Counter at Macy's. I think she said it to change the subject when I kept insisting she explain why Midnight Bronze eye shadow was discontinued in the 80s.

I figure it's probably a good idea to listen to a talking dog, so I am offering a $20 gift certificate redeemable in my Etsy shop.

Wanna win? Leave a comment.

If you share a talking animal story, I'll throw your name in the hat twice.

If you are reading my blog for the first or 50th time, you are welcome to play!  I'd like to keep this party private, so if you could NOT blog, FB, or Tweet about it that would be cool. 

I think if you hang around here then you deserve a present.   Not that I don't love everybody in the whole wide world, because I do.  Really.  Except Martha Stewart.  She gets on my nerves.

It's a Secret.
$20 Gift Certificate
Leave a Comment
Talking animal story = 2 entries

I will draw a name on Sunday Morning.
Maybe even 2.


It's kind of hard to take a picture of an invisible gift certificate, so here is a gratuitous shot of beads from an Own my Skills day.



  1. Oh yes please. My dog Otis came down with Kennel Cough at the same time my allergies flared up. Both of us sitting at home, noses running, coughing and he looks at me says "I hear ya", sniffed, coughed and layed down. :)

  2. Me, me, me...I would love a gift certificate to your goodies!!!! (you can't see it but I am jumping up in down in my chair with my hand waving in the air) No talking stories just looks that say you are one crazy human, but I love you anyways!
    Glad Chelsea is feeling better!
    Have a great week girl!

  3. You are the best thing since sliced bread.

    My pooch Madison was a dingleberry but he was a love. One day I came into the kitchen where he was laying splayed across the floor with his legs all froggie like. He looked up at me with this bewhiskered grin and said 'I'll take the steak, please. Medium rare.' Then he got up and trotted away to find a different spot in the sun.

    I thought, 'Huh. I was going to make pork chops tonight. But he did say please.'

    (Not true. My Madison is no longer with us, but he was a love, that schnuazer. I would imagine this is what he would have said!)

    Enjoy the day!

  4. I just love reading all the fur baby stories! I have Ohhhh, sooooo many to share. Really I'd just like to invite you all to come spend a day with my kids and you'll get to make stories of your own. Seriously... they talk to me everyday!

    My Springer is 75% human, 25% dog. I call her Mini-me... she's just that loveable! ;)

    My English Setter sends you all a Wooo Woooo because he loves to talk - as in all of the time (especially when I'm on very important phone calls!)

    So from my furbabies and I, we love all your stories!

    Juls, love that group of beads girl! Boooooo-tiful! I wanted to share my furbaby story, but want somebody else to win the G.C. so Juls-Love gets spread even further around the world. So before Chelsea picks her winner, make sure to let her know, I'm just stopping by to give you both love and would love to have somebody else win! :) PleaseAndThanksCuzILoveYaSoMuch!

  5. Ah HA!!! I have to enter, yup - I adore all of your beads, how could I stay away??!! Although, truth be told, I am pretty greedy - I would love to win your troch for a day!! Or buy it!! Or just hang out nearby whilst you torched! Out of my four dogs, the two smallest ones 'talk' alllllllll the time. They certainly talk BACK, anyway!

  6. does macy's have other openings for dogs..i could sure put mine to work..
    my dogs excel in mind control..
    we want cookies..
    we want out to play..
    you must take us for a drive in the car..
    and of course i obey.
    great giveaway..thank chelsea for the idea..

  7. OOOOH!! I want some of Juls' Beads! And my doxie, Lexi wants me to have some of Juls' beads too. My doxie, well, she, um, this is embarrassing - she curses more than she actually "talks." I think that still counts. I'm always shushing her when she starts getting loud - because she tends let let the expletives fly! She's usually expressing her displeasure with other dogs coming around the yard - or screaming for the person ringing the doorbell to stop it (in more "colorful" language). She also hollers at me when she wants her effing water bowl filled. She's rogue. But, I still think it counts as a talking animal story.

  8. What a great doggie dream story! My puppy really does talk...not that we would understand her. But when you are not paying attention to her, Zoe will get all feisty and do this growly-howly, sound that will change tones--like she's saying "come on, i'z cute with my bedz head and sticking out teeth. look at me, me, me! I'z talking to you...givez me some foooodz!" You can see what she looks like on the bottom of our website (www.beadalotta.com) when she's finally had enough of OUR crap for the day.

    Have a great one & bead happy!

  9. I'm a little behind in reading my feeds but I saw yours and blasted right on over! I'd LURVE!! to win -your beads are beautiful (said like the bee in the nasonex commercial). :-)

    My fur babies talk to me all the time. But, the most funniest was when I witnessed one cat YELL at the other. My older tiger cat (now on rainbow bridge) was sitting at the dining room table when along came his little tiger brother who jumped up on the other chair. Well, he decided he wanted to get to the other side and figured he'd do that by crossing over the table.

    Well, now, my older tiger KNEW this was unacceptable behavior so when little tiger crossed and went past older tiger -older tiger smacked him so hard that we heard his paw hit little tigers head! In fact, he hit him so hard with a look that could kill that I thought I saw spit flying out of little tigers mouth!

    funny indeed -we had no idea our older tiger had so much power in his paws! he was a true tom cat -still missed dearly today.

  10. well of course I would love to win some juls beads $$! I have more of an anti talking animal story.... My 7* yr old niece & I were driving home from michaels this summer & she statred talking about seeing the latest twilight movie that was coming out.I told her she was too young for that movie & she replied" I am TIRED of movie w/ talking animals"!!
    *sometimes I'm/we're sure she is 7 going on 47 :P

  11. I'd love to win! But I dont have a talking animal story. What about houseplants?

  12. I'd LOVE one, or two!

    The only talking animal thing I can come up with is that my husband is convinced our cat can say "hello" She stares at bugs when they fly in the house and makes this weird "rawe-ro" sounding meow. We joke that our cat can talk.

    Does that fit into talking animal stories?

  13. Would so love to win some of your beady goodness. Our dog Layla doesn't talk per say, other than with her eyes, saying "seriously - I have to move off of your pillows - whats up with that?" which she says every night when I try and shove her aside so I can get just a tiny bit of space in my OWN DANG BED (but she's so cute about it I usually give in and don't shove her very far :-))

  14. hey Juls....dogs do talk, I had a blacl lab that used to say I want one when I would ask him if he wanted a cookie! he was my favorite dog of all the dogs I have owned.....

  15. would love to win that gift certificate.......could use me some more Juls beads!

  16. I'd love a chance to win Juls beads!!
    My cats all talk through an interpreter - me! My husband is always surprised by what they say!! Mostly they are asking for food and play time.

  17. I already have my Juls presents coming so just stopping by to say Hi Y'all and let you know Cinder talks to me all the time especially when Derek bugs her. My Poof kitty (when she was with us ) actually said mommy and milk! No joke people thought it was awesome!

    Squnches and Squishes to both of you!

  18. Does this have to be a REAL talking animal story? Or an imaginary one? Because my parrot talks for realz but I wasn't sure that would count. Especially because his favorite word is "poop."

    Yeah, don't try to potty train your parrot with verbal commands.



  19. Hello~! I am sorta new to blogging in general. I do have to say, my cat talks to me a lot. One day, I was on my computer and my cat was sleeping on my bed. She woke up and made a loud NYAA! sound that sounded like HEY! I would not be surprised if that was the case because according to her, I don't pet her enough.

  20. Me, I got two girls (Boxers), Roxy my sweetheart loves to cuddle and loves to have every inch of her body scratched. Roxy does not talk much only to scold Mindy. Mindy is the talker loves to tell me that I need more exercise, and that I need to do more walking. Always calling me to go out to the backyard. Love your blog and your beads.

  21. Ohhh I gotta get me some Juls Beads! MMMMMMM!

    My kitty cat, Tahja, who is no longer with us, used to make the funniest noises when he ate his food. He would moan and groan and make noises which sounded very similar to "yum yum yum". It used to make us laugh as he woudl be so loud that we could hear him from another room and would always know when he was eating.

    My little mini fox terrier, Rufus, doesn't speak but he always lets out a huge burp after he eats human food...especially spaghetti. It's just hilarious and we find ourselves waiting for him to finish eating so we can hear the burp. He has also be known to make noises from the other end too which even shocked him! He made the noise and turned his head, sniffed his butt and then looked up at us as if to say "what the"...we were all "what the'' too wondering how on earth he tooted considering dogs don't have butt cheeks!!

    Ok I think I have embarrassed myself enough.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!


  22. Ooh, I have a bengal cat, and they are LOUD. He talks constantly -- sometimes to himself, as if he's narrating his own life, but usually to me. Insistently, and with great volume. =) And though he's far too independent to be held, he does prefer to sleep on my desk, right next to my laptop...and sometimes directly on top of my pliers.

    Hey, he is well aware that he is the most important person in the household, what can I do but oblige him?!?

  23. A gift certif is a lovely idea, and just for us who stop by, I like that, kind of an in-the-loop thing! My "talking" animal story happened when I was taking care of my daughter's yellow lab and her cat, who really looks a lot like a small fox. The cat wants one thing-to go outside but he's de-clawed in the front. So, the first morning, I let the dog out and kept the cat in. Pretty soon I don't see the dog and have to go out looking for her - I was in my pj's, even though it was cold, gonna find her right away, ya know. I shut the door behind me so the cat couldn't follow. Come back with the dog, locked out! The cat didn't do it, it's the latch thing. But the cat is looking out the window now and he actually ReFUSed to open the door, said it was payback time, if he couldn't go out , then we couldn't come in, Grrr. Animal logic!

  24. Okay, Juls, I have been drooling over your beads since Dawn first posted about them on Facebook. I would totally love to win a gift certificate to your store... oh, the things I could do with some of your beads!!!

    As far as the talking animal story... I don't know if this counts, but any time I want something, I tell my husband that the dog told me she wants it (i.e. honey, Bailey wants a cookie... or Bailey thinks you should paint the kitchen). So, not a real talking dog, but it gets me the things I want pretty often!



  25. ur puppy is such a darlin!

    My cat, Jennifer Jo, screams "NOOOOO!" every time my daughter touches her.

  26. I'd love to win the grand prize drawing! No animal speak at this time- but I love the animals! (see my facebook video post of kitten massage). Good luck everyone!!!!!!

  27. I´m here. I´m here - love to win!!! Gosh your writing always makes me smile and LOL!!!!

    My cat brings friends home and want me to serve them dinner. He´s staring at me with this look "they are hungry - can´t you see they are about to die?" Then they make these sounds like "I´m so lovely, please help me" Despite they have homes with food in them. They always win...

  28. My dog GROWLS at Martha Stewart Commercials..guess she doesn'tlike her either.
    I would LOVE a Gift Certificate!

  29. I'm literally still drooling over the fabulous package of Julsbeads I received earlier in the week, but I have to say that when it comes to your beads I am one greedy girl! My kids talk all the time, Lily tells me when I'm taking too long getting to the cookie cupboard and Scooby Doo sings along whenever I sing "You Are my Sunshine" ☺

  30. Oh, I would love to win, too! Here's my pet story. My daughter's cat, Nacho, would talk on the phone. She'd put the phone up to his ear and tell him to say hi. He'd say hi. Clearly. And always on cue! Not kidding. BTW, his name was Nacho as in "Nacho Cat. My Cat."

    Thanks for doing this contest! Hope I win!!!

  31. The lade next door would like it she had two so cute dogs rosie and dufy.

    Last week rosie and Dufy was going for a walk rosie for know reson ran on to the road and got hit by a car and had to be put down :(.

    But now just last night Dufy sadle pass away in the night for some reson we think rosie new his time was up and did not be a lone in her old age.

    It's been a sad day for them so the gift certificate would be a good gift for them.

    Well have a good week all.

  32. carolinainmymind on LEOctober 8, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    I love your work and would love a chance to go shopping in your store!

  33. I would love to enter! I just adore your beads.

    I have Pom that loves to talk unfortunately he talks so fast that I can't decipher just what he is saying. Thank goodness he understands me better then I do him. In fact, I have never had a dog that understands english quite so well. I will be chatting with my husband and I will mention something about him without even saying his name or indicate that I am talking about him, yet he will hold me to it. I remember one time we were chatting about a stuffed animal that I had that was getting pretty ratty. I mentioned throwing it away while my husband mentioned that we could always recycle as a toy. And that dang dog got up and went to get just the stuffie that we were talking about and brought it to us. Guess that he had an idea of how we could recycle it.

  34. Please can I play Juls? Your wee doggie is just to gorgeous :-) My bunnies would just love to talk if they could but they are silent creatures - they just think very loudly! Mainly saying, what the hell are you doing in our room, this is OUR living room - don't come and mess it up for us!!