September 12, 2010

Which means Heaven will totally rock my socks off.

Earlier this year I hopped on a train called Blogmania, specifically in the car being hosted by Dawn Marie.  The giveaway day is fast approaching , so if you haven't heard of it you should go check it out right this minute.    You're welcome!

Here's the necklace I created as my contribution blending chain with bead embroidery~  my take on Steampunk with a modern twist.  Classic.

Yes, I know those are contradictory descriptives but I'm seriously overstocked with all the words I haven't been using lately.  Oddly enough they all apply, which makes this set a versatile accessory no matter your personal style.


While we're on the subject of style, check this out.
Because God?
He's got plenty of it.

I had to pull over when I saw this yesterday evening.
  I love how the clouds mimic the treeline like
a diagonal shadow complete with the straight line
of the field in front.



  1. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! Whomever wins our $500+ giveaway (this Wednesday and Thursday) is going to be very, very lucky!

    It's going to be like Christmas in September!!!

    Love your skyline photo... I could totally see it turning into inspiration for a focal bead sometime in the near future. And I could totally see some glass-aholic needing to buy that focal because it's just calling her name. But I won't name names or anything! ;)

    Love the Juls-punk necklace! I think it's Dy-na-MITE!


  2. Juls-Punk!!!!!! Oh yeah girlie I totally love it!

  3. DANG IT DAWN! Snorting lemon water up my nose is no less painful than Dr Pepper. Juls-punk!

    My mom and dad call me Punkin...PUNK for short. Go figure. ha.

  4. That is GORGEOUS! I will be entering. ;)

  5. Hey, no fruit abuse here... lemon water up the nose is a crime against citrus fruits worldwide. Be careful what you snort! ;)

    Punkin... that's totally you! I love it! So really then, all your styles are JulsPunk! I think you better copyright that before somebody else thinks it's pretty fly!

    Hope your day is super (and your nose quits burning) :)

  6. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!I love what Kristen said "Juls-Punk". That necklace is AWESOME! Love it!

  7. If anyone can create something classic and steampunk all at once, it's you Juls ;-) Love, love, LOVE this beauty!

    Thanks for sharing the photo of that magnificent skyline...I agree with Dawn, a focal bead is just yearning to be made in those colours ;-)