September 11, 2010

I'd tell you not to look, but then you'd HAVE to.

Remember The Cabinet that was going to be delivered in all of its awesomeness within 3 weeks?  In 3 days it will have been 2 months with no firm delivery date in sight.


1.  The vacuum cleaner.  Which sadly doesn't run on its own.
2.  A broken chair.  It hasn't thrown itself away so it is now a table.
3.  Boxes and baskets of lampwork.  on the floor.
4.  Stereo  + 2 inches of decorative dust.
5.  Sir Frederick McSnugglebutt, a forthcoming blogpost.
6.  A pile of random things that don't belong there.
7.  A stack of stuff I piled up 6 months ago until I could put it away.
8.  A painting from the fabulous Mary, another forthcoming

  9.  There's that vacuum again.  Showoff.
10.  A trashcan full of nontrash topped off with some paper trash.
11.  Shipping boxes in the middle of the walkway.
12.  A pile of stuff sitting on a drawer full of stuff.  On the floor.
13.  Another drawer full of stuff.  On the floor.
14.  A trashcan full of actual trash.  Overflowing.
15.  Too!Much!No!Words!
16.  A few more baskets of lampwork.
17.  A hunk of clay sitting in water in a bag in a tub. 
18.  A giant box of destash goodies hanging around on the floor.
19.  Simple Green Cleaning Spray.   (It's a start)
20.  Basket almost always full of cat.

Sheba, Queen of the Pink Bellied Fat Cat Tribe
~Also known as Kitteh~
chillin' in the Cat Basket.
She is studying that single exposed
razor sharp talon
as if trying to decide if expending
the energy to punish me
for waking her up
is worth the tedium
of actually
having to

Now that I've invested a half hour describing these ridiculously embarrassing photos, I think I'll go take a picture of the knee high grass growing in the backyard.  There's a buncha blades out there, so it's gonna take a lot longer to label.



  1. What i want to know is How and when you got that photo of MY studio ;)
    might as well say Ditto to most of your list..
    cat basket included.

  2. Brave girl show off your studio. My camera is too sceered to go in my no pics can be taken.

    Love the pic of your sweet furbe.

  3. Laugh out loud post, as always. I posted something on my blog using your karma focal. I swiped your picture from etsy - hope you don't mind. Here is the link:

  4. LOL - you are one brave woman showing those photographs. I think that room is cleaner than my junk room (five years of stuff accumlating in one room which the door stays shut on).
    Mom made me help clean up our studio this morning (UGH!), though I feel better once everything got put away. Of course we now have three tables set up with all the inventory on it to go through for a show next weekend.

    Love the picture of the kittah. She can join my tribe of watermelons on legs.
    Take care darlin' and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Aaaahhhh...such wonderful memories of our fun day together in that crazy room! It was soooo clean! I need some serious help in my "studio" too. I just keep pulling things out and never putting them back. I guess you could call it all "inspiration." haaaaaaaaaa

  6. hehehe you are too funny! Yes! save the dragonfly save the world! I LERVE "kitteh" sheba is too adorable.

    you rock :)
    xxo Mary

  7. OMG, you are describing my studio, only my studio is more shamefully chaotic!

  8. Ok that's it! I have no studio, not destash, no lampwork just a bead tray, sewing basket and craft closet with very little amount of beads! I am so jealous of your sweet mess that I may just have to find a way to sneak in and play for a while! I may even help organize if Sheba promises to help!

    Hugs from studioless!