September 13, 2010

Wherein I defend my title for mad run-on sentence writing skillz.

I was organizing my jewelry armoire this morning when it occurred to me that I don't often wear its contents.  Other than a few favorite rings and a couple of earring pairs, I am a slave to 3 particular necklaces.

The first is a boro focal I made a few years ago that was
inspired by a sunset.   For me to say I like this necklace would be like Kevin Bacon saying he's been in a few movies.

The next resulted from a custom order for jewelry from someone we'll call Miss Fabulous.  Her name is actually Natalie, and she selected 3 sets of beads from which pendants would be made to be gifted to friends who hosted a shower for her~ effectively making her thoughtful and appreciative and kind and earning her the aforementioned moniker.

I loved the idea of my beads becoming such a sweet momento, and because there were some left over from the sets of 5 I decided to gift Natalie with a necklace of her own using 1 each of the three different beads so she'd also have a keepsake.

I couldn't very well leave the 3 lovely remainders orphaned, so naturally I made myself a pendant as well.  Plus, you know, the first one turned out so awesome and coveting is a sin and I needed to stop with the sinning and that was the only way! 


My 3rd Go~To is this loveliness:

I heart these beaded rings. They are shiny and therapeutic and versatile, and I've made several color combinations while sitting in bed watching Dexter.

Wait. Speaking of Dexter.  I HEART Rita! Someone is SO fired.


This is the perfect delicate set (15s and 3mm crystals) for a dressy-casual dinner or for adding a little sparkle to kicking around town in a t-shirt and shorts.   In fact, it goes pretty well with pajamas too~ not that I'm sitting here wearing that right now.



  1. Oh I know you are so sportin those lovelies in your pj's and all the other pj fashionista's are jealous beyond reason right now! (OK it's me!) and whatever secret police are out there trying to deny such a fabulishous southern belle her pj fashions will have to go through me first!!!!!


  2. Oh I know you are rocking the bling right now in your jammies! Too funny! And I really love the beads in the second necklace, not that they aren't all winners, but those I would covet for sure.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Well,
    1. Love your beads
    2. Love that second necklace, covet actually.
    3. Anything goes with PJ's1 :)
    Have a great Monday.

  4. Hi fancy pants! Love the new blog background mmhmmm ;)- and I love the necklaces/ you're a goo girl to avert sin. ;P lol!


    p.s. all of your followers are sooo nice and funny I love them.

  5. I love those beaded rings. They are so fun and easy to make. I make one up and gift it to anyone in my department at work who is having a birthday. What will I do for our new male Latin teacher? I hope he likes sportin' bling. Poor guy, it is hard enough on him being in a department with six female Spanish teachers, let alone getting sparkly jewelry for a gift.

  6. Oh those are so gorgeous. The colors just swim into each other.