September 17, 2010

Speaky Peekin'


If you are one of the people who purchased a half or full day on my torch, and you don't want to risk seeing your beads before they arrive, it is in your best interest to skeedaddle right about now.


For everyone else~   Here are sections of the ones I've finished so far.   I can't tell you how much fun both were!  It is pure joy to create beads with someone specific in mind, and I hope they will love them as much as I do.


Chelsea is on some new meds that are helping immensely.  She is also on a mild sedative that is helping her sleep without waking us both up every 5 minutes.  Her EKG was perfectly fine and I'll find out about her blood work this morning.   She is getting medicated baths every day which are helping her skin, and her vet is happy with her progress.  So am I.

ETA: Just got Chels's blood report and her doc says she's  "stupid healthy for a dog her age".  The offensive glands come out Tuesday and this time next week all this will be O V A H.    squee!

You guys just don't know the extent of my gratitude.  If any of you ever need a kidney, I'm your girl.


  1. OH LA LA!!!! You've been a busy girl and oh are these customers going to be happy!!!!

    I am so happy that Chelsea is doing well and and sending happy thoughts to both of you! My aim is still a little off so I am not responsible for where exactly they land..;)


  2. Wow. You are quite prolific in the creating department. That is pure bliss seeing all those beads and knowing that they are going to support your treasured friend.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. I was out of town so I apparently missed out on the Chelsea drama, but glad to hear things are looking up.

    You torched some major lovelies there - whoever they are going to will be mighty happy indeed!

  4. Hip, Hip, HOORAY! Three cheers to Chelsea's recovery. We're all cheerleaders bouncing our pom poms in your corner Juls!

    Aren't people so darn wonderful? Friends are friends through thick and thin. I feel so blessed to have you as such a dear friend.

    And... now my keyboard is sparking... as those beads are making me drool all over... I simply can't wait!

    BTW, my mom called me a bit ago and said, "Have you read Juls Blog yet today?" I said no, I just got home and hadn't gotten online yet, why?

    Her response was "YOU have got to see the beads she created for some of the people that helped her with her dog's surgery. They are GORGEOUS!" She almost squeeled... seriously.

    Yes, they will be loved... LOTS!
    {Squeezes for you & Belly rubs for Chels!}

  5. That's fantastic news about Chelsea...nothing worse than seeing an animal in pain (other than your own child) even more so when it's your own pet.

    Gorgeous beadies too by the way!


  6. oh those beads are so georgeous. lucky people to receive such awsomeness!

    So glad to hear puppy girl is resting and so healthy. I will be sending hugs and prayers from oklahoma on tuesday.

  7. Oh, that is great to hear that Chelsea is doing's hoping Tuesday is here in a flash! Love all of those lovelies too, btw ♥

  8. I did go ahead & read this post & I admit, I hoped against hope some of the beads were for me AND THEY WERE!!! Yay, the ones I liked were mine :) Thank You so Much

  9. Hi,
    I just found your blog as I am searching for some jewelry eye-candy. I love your beads!!! Very vibrant and fun!It is working, you gave me some inspiration to head back to my little studio and try to get creative with. Then I scrolled down your blog just as I was ready to exit and I saw your dog-WOW!!! Looks just like my dog except mine is a full grown Pom Chi.