September 18, 2010

A little bit of beading~ Tutorial Style

I've worked on a few small beading projects this week~ mostly to unwind at the end of the day until the sleepies could take over.  I have to admit that hasn't been much of a contest, and if I was playing in the insomniac Hall of Fame game I would probably go down in history as the biggest loser.    If you've ever awakened at 3 am with the imprint of a needle on your forehead trailed by a thread impression down your right cheek, you know exactly what I mean.

A friend mentioned last weekend that his daughter is really into black and red so when I came across these forgotten vintage beads in my stash a few days later I thought one would make a sweet gift from daddy.  It's simple, but I have a feeling she'll treasure it nonetheless.

(Erin, would these beads not have been perfect for the Monolith print?  Egads)

I have been asked over the last few months to write a tutorial on how I create my flavor of bead embroidered pendants.    I'm working on it now so if you are also interested in learning the specific steps and techniques I use shoot me an email or leave a comment with your email address and I will let you know when it is finished. 

Dawn and Kristen have graciously agreed to give it a test drive and they will each be receiving a kit next week.  I am writing the tut with all skill levels in mind, and once I know it is sufficient for beginners I will make it available to everyone. 

Sample beginning:


I haven't cleaned the beads from yesterday's torch session, so I think I'll wait and post them with the ones I make today and tomorrow.      Which will probably blow my mind.



  1. The red/black necklace is awesome! Your friends' daughter will love it! I love the color combo you are using for the tutorial - sweet! I can't wait to see what beads you made on the torch, hopefully it will blow "my" mind :)
    Have a great weekend!
    P.S. Hope Chelsea is doing great.

  2. Oh that red and black is gorgeous! I think she will fall in love at first site!!! I am so loving your beginnings for the tut and I am sure you know why!!!!!!!
    give Chelsea kisses and tell her to get better!

    Hugs and Love

  3. Dawn can't wait... Dawn can't wait!!! :) Juls, you are so superfly girl you better watch out for the sun! :)

    I can't wait to be your guinea pig... and not, it's not an excuse to live in a bubble and run on a big round wire wheel. :) Oh wait... that's hamsters. I take that back. ;)

    Thanks so much for giving me a chance to join in the Juls Bead Idol contest. I look forward to making you proud woman! :)


  4. Oh my. Those beads would have been PERFECT for the monoprint!

    I am looking forward to seeing more of what you do. It is fascinating and so different from what I would consider RELAXING!

    You are a talent to be reckoned with.

    Enjoy the day!

  5. Looking forward to seeing what Kristen and Dawn create... the tutorial sounds exciting. I will definitely give it a go when it's up and running. The kits look rather delish too... what lucky girls!!!


  6. Never done the needle imprint thing, but I have (SO ashamed to admit this) woken up with beads and/or bits of snipped off wire stuck to my backside. I should perhaps stop beading on my bed.


  7. Did u ever do this tutorial?
    I'm dying to learn how u do what u do!
    sba13221 at flash dot net please!!! Thank you!!!

  8. I'd be interested in knowing when your tutorial is available, too. I'm seeing some of my polymer clay focal beads wrapped with a beaded bezel.