June 29, 2010

Unless your name is PollyWalla McGertyfinklestein, because there should definitely only be one of those.


If you've been around this here blog long enough you might remember that I did a major Studio Overhaul in the not so distant past.  I'm pretty sure I had convinced myself at the time that I had downsized just the right amount, but sometimes myself can be so wrong that myself should point and laugh at the absurdity that is myself.  Then maybe pat it's precious head.

I really loved these little cabinets for storing my seed beads.  Wood on Wheels~  How cute is that?

Super Cute, that's how.

Right up until I actually had to find just the right shade of color~

And stirred up the beads so much
the drawers wouldn't close
and I had to stop and sorta organize them right then.
Creatus Interruptus.

Still.  I really thought I had it together until This fabulous girl had to go and show off her perfect storage system with her perfect cabinet sitting over there being all perfect.  And internets,  I am not ashamed to tell you I was weepy with envy.  Naturally I did what any good green girl would do and threatened to steal it, but that audacious Jen moved out of state before I could implement my plan.  The nerve.

I was left with one option, and that was to contact Sharon about having my own custom cabinet built.  Turns out their idea of custom is limited to 2 basic sizes, neither of which is what I have in mind.  So because I know someone who has a friend that knows someone who owns a hammer I decided I'd maybe just order some components and have that guy start nailing some wood together.

My components were delivered yesterday which means 42 pieces of 16x20" clear acrylic SQUEE! are now stacked in my living room making me bust into  ~ STOP! Hammer Time! ~  whenever I walk by them.

I had to give one a test run

And now I am weepy with joy
because all of this:

is about to have a new custom built home.
Ska Wee to the Nth degree.

So like I said in my last post, things are a changin' round here~ and on the off chance anyone else is as curious (crazy) as a certain someone I won't call by name (HI DAWN), the changes don't include me being pregnant.   Unless you count ideas in which case I'm carrying gajillyuhbillyuhtuplets, and I'm naming them all after you.



  1. LOL and I can't stop!!!!! Derek is looking at me as if I have lost my mind (he doesn't know I actually did a long time ago) and is very upset that I am using up his computer time but I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!

  2. I am all a-SQUEE with laughter right now. That is hilarious. Especially the bit about stealing Jenn Judd's cabinets. I can see you creeping into her house on little cat feet and wrasssling that thing out of there! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
    Enjoy the day, Juls!

  3. Sounds like you need my Crank Coffee recipe. Guarantees you'll have it finished in one night with time to spare!

  4. Awww...man...now I have organizational envy.

  5. LOL - Sorry Juls... But now I have a belly ache from all the laughing I'm doing over here.

    Congrats on your upcoming ORGANIZATION,.. may you make many a bead babies! ;) And we wouldn't mind if those bead babies were quintuplets or even more!!!!!!

    I'll even send you some pickle & ice cream inspirations! LOL

    'Wubs ya girl!

  6. Dawn told me to come over because this was a fun blog and she was right! Your writing and world view is truly unique and brought quite chuckles as I read your blog. You got me, I'm your newest follower. Congratuations on getting new cabinets and getting organized. Your see through cabinets are very attractive and professional looking. A perfect place for your amazing beads. Love what I'm seeing.


  7. I get all tingly just thinking of organization. YAY for you!

  8. Question: Where do you purchase your seed beads b/c whenever I buy mine they come in teeny tiny little tubes that have only enough seed beads for a 3-year-old toddler and I walk away feeling like a druggie that got ripped off by her dealer...thanks!

  9. @Kristen, welcome to the world of crazy. :D

    @Erin, Wait. How do YOU know about my little cat feet!?

    @Stefani, Thank you! Your comments make mine.

    @Beth, Crank coffee sounds scary~ What is it!?

    @MyParrotGirl, you can have the old storage stuff if that helps...

    @Dawn, dills chopped up in chocolate, please. :P

    @Haupi, Thank you so much! I'm following your supah cool blog now also.

    @OEP, I know right!? The left half of my brain is positively giddy.

    @Bella, My first choice for Japanese seeds is UBeadItSacramento.com.

    Second choice is Whimbeads.com

    For Delicas I *only* order from Eugene @ IndianDreamsTradingPost.com.