September 25, 2010

I just shocked and awed the crap out of my studio.

I have recently decided that perhaps if I don't say the word cabinet again, then maybe it will show up one day.    In the meantime, the clutter in my studio finally got the best of me and I spent fourteen hours destuffing, rearranging and cleaning it yesterday.  Yes, fourteen deserved to be spelled out.  As in hours.

I feel like I can breathe in the room now, and if the thing that shall not be named eventually does arrive it'll take 10 seconds to have it fully loaded.  That's the day someone will need to bail me out of jail for parading down the street naked.

9 am Friday ~
about 3 hours into project Sanity

(good thing I have another bathroom...)

TV sitting on Walmart storage drawer thingy. 

Bins of stuff in the hall going BUH BYE NOW.
Sorry about the mannequin booty.



No, I don't see the pile of cords in the hallway,
and neither do you.

Bead photo tent next to the window.

Access to my workhorse table for ceramic and fusing work.

TV stand that is less rednecky.
Sort of.
Shipping supplies behind the curtain.
(still messy)

Storage underneath
my work table
on which there is a clean spot to bead.

I still need to have a giant Put Away Party,
and I'll probably start that right after I finish
playing helicopter and turning circles super fast
in the open space that is now the middle of the room
with my arms stretched out
as wide as they will go.



  1. OMG please please please come to my house and put my "stuff" away!!!!
    Wires what wires? LOL

  2. It looks great! Funny, I have the same exact TV in my bead room. It decided to die two days ago. I took that as a sign I really can bead without the TV on.

  3. Awesomeness. Squared.
    I love it when it is all put away. But then I forget where I put it. BWAHAHAHA!
    I should really do a video bit on my studio rearrange. You just inspired me!

    Enjoy the day twirling! I am doing the same in my space!


    wanna come over and clean mine?

    you did a great job.

  5. will you shock and awe my studio.
    that's on my weekend list.

  6. you're sooo funny! helicopter spinner! Squeeeeee!

  7. Oh I so wish I could have been there in person!!!! Although I am still very jealous that I do not yet (get it yet) have enough to even begin to fill a studio or not see cords (which I did not see!) Sheba might like to see a helicopter flying in circles around the room. Wait Have you seen Sheba since this all started? I hope she is not in one of those bins you were getting rid of!


  8. Looks fantabulous...what a splendid job you did! I hope you aren't like me and it will all be messy again within a few weeks...yes "My Name is Karyn and I my bead room gets messy"... there I said it out aloud!!


  9. I'm dancing with you! Mind you, I have my hands full of wonderfully pretty yummy beads that you made, so that makes it even more fun!!! Congrats on getting it all done...14 hours...that's a looooong day!

  10. 14 hours! is that how long I need to spend to shock and awe my bead room? I know I will make my husband happy. Congratulations on a job well done. Now the challenge is keeping it that way.

  11. I am so impressed! It is absolutely beautiful. Congrats on an amazing job.

  12. Well done

    Now how's the bulls eye glass rods coming a long.

    And well done way beter than my studio at the moment flooding in studio :( going to be no tourch and kiln for the next 2-3 weeks :(

  13. Wow, you did a wonderful job, wanna come and do mine too.