September 23, 2010

Beatnik Baubles

I challenged myself yesterday to create something using only the glass rocks, beads and seed beads that I scored on Tuesday.    The irregular shape of the rocks gives a beatnik flavor to both pendants, and after finishing the first I couldn't resist framing one of the Peace signs in the second.

Do you think its meaning changes
because it is presented in a different way?

I used ultra suede remnants that I purchased years ago, ribbon that I snagged wholesale in bulk, and the Tuesday components that were all on super sale~ for a grand total of about $5 for both necklaces. 

Now the earth girl inside me is insisting she's earned the right to drink a giant chocolate milkshake while shaking her moneymaker to some Fergie Ferg. 

Guess I'd better head to Dairy Queen.



  1. Juls - you always, always crack me up! Hope the pup is doing well, Elisabeth

  2. Love the necklace and I have a smile on my face from your wonderful and funny comments! How is Chelsea doing? I hope she is back to her old self! Take care and I hope you had a great treat from DQ!

  3. Dang it! Now I need a chocolate shake! Thanks a lot LOL!

    Great job on the necklaces - I am amazed by how fast you are with your beadwork. Those would've taken me a week each!

  4. Shake shake shake that moneymaker baby!!!! I can't believe you made those just yesterday! Such beauty on the cheap cheap. I hope you had a double milkshake and kissed Chelsea a hundred times (maybe not that many fur can be ichy)
    PS Oh how do you day it? Oh Yeah gimmethatpeaceonerightnow!!!!

  5. Wow they look great and only $5 a pop! Awesome! You are such a clever chicky.


  6. Both necklaces are awesome but I'm partial to the peace sign. I go to DQ for a milkshake and always end up getting a hot fudge brownie sundae. No willpower here:~(

  7. I can't even go to Dairy Queen... I have no will power and I always "deserve" the super duper Brownie sundae deluxe! :) At least in my mind I do... in my butt... not so much! LOL

    Girllllll, LOVE the necklaces! I'm totally diggin the peace sign. I wouldn't have thought to frame it like that and I love it! It gives new meaning to some beads I have. Love it! :)

    Hope Chels is still rocking the healthy, happy dog description! Thinking about you both lots!


  8. Now that is the way to do it. Great pieces. Hope you enjoyed that shake.

  9. Oh definitely - when the muse is hungry the muse gets fed!